Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ear Infection

God there are some cute college guys that were randomly working out in my school’s Weight room, I mean there was a hunky, clearly ex-football player who was with an equally cute smaller, more soccer player looking latino, they were both cute and from the local community college. Let me just tell you weightlifting is twice as fun when you have some awesome eye candy!

So today for the boring part of my school day I did a lab in science, I turned in a 13 page essay on the League of Nations for English, and work on a partner research project for History, and since my partner was not a school because he barely is I stole one of the other groups members. We worked for a bit and the randomly moved onto an awesome kind of meaningful discussion about school.

In other news I have now found a safety school in New York City, it si Pace University, or is it a College, well whatever its name is I can most likely get in there and would be happy to go there.

In final news, I think I now have an ear infection. When I was younger I used to get ear infection all the time, and they are TERRIBLE. I had so many when I was young I started to get hearing problems and almost went deaf, thank god I got over all that, but I now EXTREMLY LOATH ear infections, so I am going to have a fun weekend now!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Wow, kid!! you do seem to spend a lot of time, at least lately, battling one illness, or another!! Maybe it's just this winter, I hope so; With the warmer weather approaching quickly, it would be great if you could put this stuff behind you, so that you can start enjoying life a bit more!!

    So, who's this guy that you hooked up with in history?? It sounds like you enjoyed his company.... And, what are college guys doing, working out in a high school weight room? What is it, after school, open time??

    Well, Hans (I still don't know if it's OK to call you Hans), I hope you get past the ear infection- I've only had that once or twice, and they certainly aren't any fun! Enjoy the weekend, kid!! luv, tman<3

  2. Very common to have an ear infection right now, especially with the weather we're having this year. Good luck.


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