Thursday, March 18, 2010

For a Optimist, I'm Pretty Pessimistic

Okay well I really am not in the best mood to blog today, and I am in this mood for no reason that comes to mind, so I will just blame my sickness.

Today was basically a boring day dominated by boring school. I did have one highlight though and that was when I gave Katie her wallet back.

So last night I made these three gifts for her, and by made I mean found somewhere and decided why not give them to her. The first was a small pouch I made from paper that says, "Katie's Tic-Tac Fund" because those are Katie's favorite things to suck on, lol. The second was this random prize I one at a carnival that was able to fit in her wallet. And the final gift was a note saying this is for you special time with someone special, and behind the note was a condom. SO when Katie found that she started to laugh historically, and of course she had to find it right as the teacher is looking at her, but the teacher was like, "THAT IS ONE OF MY BUSINESS!" But Katie did love the gift.

Well that was the best part of my day,

Life Putters and Wanders,


  1. I can just imagine it.
    Teacher: "Katie, why did HMG just give you a condom?"
    It might start some good gossip!

    P.S. what happened to Pete?

  2. You are still sick?? Man IDK; you must have a thick skull!! Too much football, no helmet!! lol I told you how to kick the bugs out.. Raise your core temperature and cook the little suckers! Or just take some cough medicine, and a bowl of ice cream, a bag of potato chips, maybe some pizza, and invite them to dinner!!! lol luv,tman<3

  3. @Billy Yeah it is good the teacher is cool and did not freak out!
    Nothing has happened with Pete I have not talked to him, and probably will not unless he decides to talk to me. So sorry if you wanted some juicy things to be happening with that.

    @tman I am really just congested and it is only really bad after I go to sleep.



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