Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Epik Pace

Okay well another kind of boring day for me!

Today I woke up at around 6:20 which meant that I had a good amount of time to watch an episode of Nip/Tuck! I officially think that it is one of the greatest shows to have been on television, and on my list of favorite shows!

Then I went downstairs and watched the news until I had to leave for school, I feel the best morning news show is Good Morning America.

Then I had my Spanish class and took a prueba and then was assigned a video project where we have to film a telenovela, it kind of sucks because we only have a week, but we are not being graded on the quality of the video, only the dialogue, so that is good.

After Spanish I had Multimedia where we currently have a project to make a video about a corrupt ruler, so my group is going to do one on an evil basketball coach. During the class I learned about this band, Epik High, they are a Korean band that two of my friends are OBSESSED about, and we were looking for some goot up beat music and someone in my group suggested this song, it is REALLY catchy!

My last class was Algebra 2 Honors, and all we really did there was correct homework and then be told how CRAZY applying for a job in the math department at my school is! Oh and we learned about logarithms.

When I got hoem I watched Lee Pace’s new movie “Possession”, which really was not that great, but he did a great job acting, but he is WAY better in about every other thing he is in, especially Pushing Daisies, one of my favorites, and Wonderfalls, my FAVORITE Bryan Fuller show, it just grew on me!

Well that is about it for tonight.

Life putters and wanders,


P.S. OMG I finally got a line to end on, and I thought of it all on my own :)!

P.P.S. Okay so I meant to add this to the original post, but here seems like a good place to put this:

Okay so in-case anyone feels like contacting me my:

email is

aim lrtackle15


So if you ever feel like contacting me, just be warned that I like to just leave them on so if it says I am on and I do not respond in a reasonable time, then I am probably not online, so SORRY in advance!


  1. What a lovely turn of a phrase.

    The Last Five Years is amazing! I want to see it live as well.

    I suppose I should have answered you on your last post, but I'm doing it here.

    Here's a more obscure one you may not know (hell I'm pretty sure you won't, no one ever does), A Class Act.

  2. Thank you! Yeah I really have no idea if anyone still puts it on, but it is one I will jump on the chance to see it! Sorry never heard of A Class Act, and does not really interest me, but if I ever see some place putting it on I will go see it.

  3. No me gusta to lapia(labia?) floja?

    means i dont like your loose vagina, something i picked up in spain. lol :)

  4. LOL you mean tu labia floja! You must have learned ALOT of useful phrases in Spain, LOLQ


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