Thursday, March 4, 2010

Really, A Weird Post (I Guess it is Kind of Science-y)

Okay so I wish my life was more interesting, but it is not! Okay so really my life is kind of dominated by my school. By that I mean I go to a rigorous school that is very well known, especially to some colleges, as being really hard, and the crazy thing is that it is a public school! So at a time I can have like 5 tests and quizzes in a week, be working on a project in one or more classes, AND writing an essay every couple of weeks! The thing is I am completely used to this system now that is really seems easy, and I have heard from A LOT of people that college is actually easier than the school I go to! So that is the real reason why I have such a hard time having a social life because the people that I know that do are usually the ones not doing well in classes.

So today I was talking to Katie, and I really learned that she has absolutely NO IDEA how serious it is being gay, especially in a community that is conservative, although my school is a little more liberal, but I think I really need to talk to her and make her understand that I am a part of one of the few more discriminated groups of people in this modern age. I have been thinking about it and I feel that the main reason may feel we are terrible is because we break the basic idea that all humans need to reproduce to become useful.

*Beware This May Get A Little Science-y*

I essentially think that gay people were born, technically, with a disadvantage, this disadvantage can basically be summed up that a gay person is someone who was born with the mental disability to not be attracted to a female, or a female to a male. This “disability” has basically made it so that a gay person will not reproduce making normal people with the perfectly intact ability to reproduce seem weirded out that there are people who would not want to create more humans to keep the human race alive.

(Decided to put todays picture here to keep you awake!)

Now I feel that we are actually quite useful even with our, technical, disadvantage because we are kind of like a limiting factor; we have the complete physical ability to reproduce, but we usually choose to not, although it is possible through artificial measures now. By not choosing to have children we are actually helping the world in my opinion because at the exponential rate the world’s population is growing right now, we are eventually going to run out of resources which would be way worse that dying a regular death, so if there are people who do not help to increase the population of Earth, but do not exactly decrease it, we are actually lowering the population by decreasing the ratio of population to birthrate, so I think we are actually a good way to decrease the population in a way. (WOW I had ninguna idea how to end that)

OH in case you guys care today I maxed my bench at 160, I know it was kind of low, and power clean at 165!

OMG Spring is awakening,


P.S. Was Kathy Griffin not fierce and awesome in last nights SVU?

P.P.S. How many of you guesses I LOVE Kathy Griffin?

P.P.P.S. I am SO one of her GAYS!



  2. Im still trying to understand the paragraph just before the picture and last paragraph! I guess you have to know alittle of science to understand!
    Did you see Kathy Griffen on RuPaul dragqueen show on MTV?

  3. @whycanti16 SVU is a great show, but no where near my favorite show, but from what I have seen Kathy brought A LOT to the show!

    @Michael Well the picture is just there for decoration and actually it is not that science-y, but I guess it could be confusing because I had NO IDEA how to structure it, so it is all my thoughts.
    RuPaul is on Logo where I am, and I dont really care so much about fashion type stuff even if it is drag fashion

  4. I really don't think that gays as a form of population control is a very sound arguement. And while I understand your the point you're trying to make, homosexuality is not a mental disorder, a disability, nor a choice. In fact these declarations really just subjugate us.

    Science is hardly what's going on in this entry, don't placate yourself with these ideas that we have a disease and then contort that into a strength. They'll undermine your understanding of yourself.

  5. Okay , I guess I should really just say that when I was writing this post this is where my mind went and I just followed the train of thought.
    Okay when i said that homosexuals are disabled, I meant in the way of evolution because EVERYTHING Darwin taught ultimately lead to the organism reproducing or it technically failed to survive, again that is pretty much summing up what a "fit" organism should do. But since gay people do not feel the want to naturally sexually reproduce, in the way evolution goes we have failed because we have a mental disability by not being attracted to the opposite sex. In no way am I actually bringing this into a matter of culture or anything.
    Now I never said we have a disease because we are in to way affected by a virus or anything because that would lead to people thinking there is a actual cure to homosexuality which would actually be worse than thinking, as I kind of do, that we only are disabled in the way that evolutionary science would categorize us.
    Okay I hope tis clears things up,

  6. I like how you put different pics @ the end of each of your posts. That's a cool idea.

  7. hmmmmm hmg i don't think i was 'born gay" - i think i'm gay because of lack of love towards me from my father and a overbearing domineering step mom. This lethal mixture of hate that fills the house that i live in has caused me to seek love outside of my house. I'm convinced that if my dad and mom were loving, and caring parents, capable of displaying love towards each other and capable of hugging me with true feelings of love towards me, then I don't think I would be gay today.

  8. You are only mentally handicapped if you believe you are... That, and about every other argument, has been used over the years to try to assert the 'natural' status of straight people... There is NOTHING more natural than the recurring, consistent percentage of gay/straight in every population since time immemorial... You come from a 'conservative' area of the country... I understand that you hear that demeaning argument @ church and probably @ school, but understand, it is the way that majority populations have kept minority populations under their collective thumbs.... Good strategy, but the science here is a very leaky bucket... luv,tman<3


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