Sunday, March 14, 2010

For My Own Pure Vanity

Yay I think I am getting better!

Time for the usual bullet point list of what I did today:

· Woke up at 8 wait no it was 7, wait SHIT daylight savings time, okay it was 8

· Had pancakes with the family

· Drove mom to the airport again, this time she actually got to NYC

· Watched 7 hours of Band of Brothers because it was on demand

· Got a new hard disk for my laptop, how I actually have memory to save things and not have to delete them when I am done with it

· Watched the new episodes of Family Guy and The Simpsons

Okay today was also quite awesome for reasons that are for my own pure vanity.

Okay so since there was not a lot to talk about and I do not want to talk about something weird, nor do I have the time, here are two pictures

Life Putters and Wanders,


  1. 7 hours straight??? Dude, you must be shaking.... I watched a marathon of 'The Rifleman' one time, a few years back, that was on for 24 hours, but as much as I love that show, I think I remember finally mixing in some construction work and cooking a few, full course meals in between... lol Still, I know what you mean- there's a certain comfort in watching something that you really like, especially if you're not feeling 100%... One of my favorite films like that is 'Jaws'... There's just something cool about it that I relate to, and certain scenes that I can watch, over and over, that never lose their charm or impact... 'We're gonna need a bigger boat!' ... lol

    Well, anyway, I'm glad to see that you're on the mend... I'm sure that it's because of the gruesome training that I did yesterday to annihilate the virus in your blood.... lol just kidding- someday, you have to try that!! Have fun/see you whenever, kid... luv,tman<3

  2. Not at all, I watched it while doing my hard disk replacement, which took as long so those 7 episodes. Also I have NEVER actually seen it before that.
    Thanks, I really have no idea if I am getting better or worse, or even just staying in the same sick state as earlier.


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