Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Okay so last night I texted Pete and we talked for a while, and we were getting along nicely. So I asked him over because it was still early. So we just hung out and had a great time, but for some reason I just could not bring the subject of being gay up, so I was a little disappointed in myself :(! So then we went and got McDonalds and I got the new $3 meal, it was okay, hmm I forgot what Pete got. So later he drops me back off at my school and says he has to go! THEN I walk around a bit and fall into a hole, GOD I AM CLUMSY! SO I am falling for like a minute and there are thes weird moving platforms, eventually I land in a small platform surrounded by water, and there are other people on platforms as well. So then the water FREEZED OVER, so I decided to walk o it and after a few steps I fell through and died!

SO if you didn’t guess earlier, that was my dream from last night!


SO I kind of now OFFICIALLY think that my mind is hooked on the idea of having Pete as an anything that involves the word, “friend”! The main problem is that now that I know I want ot be his friend, I am going to think EVERYTHING he says is going to have the connotation of rejection to me, like if he ways, “Hey! Ya what’s up?” I am going to think he is being apathetic even if he doesn’t expect it to be.

Okay so I guess I really just feel that if I decide to talk to him through text I am going to sabotage myself, this is EXACLY why I like to talk to people face-to-face!

Okay well that’s it here is your daily picture!


  1. I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment here, kid... I kinda layed into you the other day on a comment (question) on another blog that I thought was inappropriate...It's not that I've changed my mind about that- I still think that those things should be shared privately; I thought that the question was coming from some over-sexed bad, I'm sorry!! I'd like to follow your blog a bit, but only if I have your perrmission... I'll understand if you say no!! luv, tman<3

  2. oh shame, as much fun as a first bf is, the gay best friend (apart from being very chic on sitcoms) is a great asset. You can shamelessly boy-watch with him, gush about the guy you like, or, more importantly, have a sympathetic support system (not that all gay guys are equipped to deal with their own problems let alone someone else's)

    best of luck

  3. @tman I really don't care if you read it or not, comment or not, follow or not, but you did not need to mention your response to the post on whycanti16's blog because I never knew about it, and for some reason it did not get me upset, at first, but as I thought about it more and more I got really angry. BUT I dont want to put any of my thoughts down on this comment or in a post, I guess I just wanted you to know that.

  4. @Earl Grey Ya I know I REALLY want a gay friend because it will make things SO much better for me because of all those reasons you mentioned and more!

  5. You had me going until you kept falling for a minute haha.

    I know how it feels to obsess over someone, even in a friend way (I can't get enough of one of my friends and she's a lesbian, sorta like a man-crush for gays on a girl who's a lesbian... lol). You'll never know anything unless you try though.

    And don't worry about rejection, he's already shown his interest in you. The ball's in your court now. :)

  6. You don't want to communicate by texting, I'm with you on that. But that means you have to take the initiative in doing something with him face-to-face. Take a chance!


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