Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Hate Sore Throats!

Okay so I an typing this from my iTouch, so forgive my spelling errors.
So today was kind of annoying because my throat was kind of killing me all day, I mean at this moment I am not speaking in order for it to start to heal more.

I also drove quite a bit today, but I LOVE to drive, it is just so fun, to go on a weird tangent:
Today was the day you: Almost had a truck smash into your car at 70 MPH, and think, "If only he got a few inches closer!"
Yeah I know that makes ke sound suicidal, but I think I am okay with dying as long as I do not bring it on myself, but have another bring it on me.

Oh on another weird tangent I think I am destined to die by the age of 64, do not ask ke why because I have no reasonable, logical, or understandable explination for it.

So I am kind of happy that my argument-ish like thing between me and tman is over, although it kind of turned into me expressing my hatred of child pornography.

So I still need to get Katie a present for her birthday, but has given me no reasonable suggestions, so all I can think of giving her is more condoms LOL!

Okay so that is pretty much it, I just want to explain the mass amount of pictures. They are all of the same person, a model named Dominik, who I have actually put in one of my older posts, but still I think he is DELIIOUS looking!

Life Putters and Wanders,
- This was HMG from my iTouch


  1. Good Lord kid!! You're not sick again, are you?? I'm starting to think that you have some kind of deep seated throat infection, maybe in the adenoids, that won't go away, because even antibiotics can't knock it out... Have you seen a doctor? You really shouldn't be sick all this time!!

    On another topic, I'm glad we're past that, too! It makes me feel crummy, really...

    Nice pictures....Oh, and what is it about jock straps that is so enticing to me?? It must be all the years of lockerrooms and dreams about them- those were the days... about the ONLY reason I would ever repeat high school if I was able to go back in a time machine.... hmmm.. that might be a decent idea for a blog posting!! Whatta ya think, Hans??

    Seriously, tho, I hope you see a doctor, and get your good health back!! I'm worried that this could get chronic, if you don't deal with it soon!! luv, tman<3

  2. Hey Hans great blog Those pics are great will have to work out how to upload pics to my blog
    Enjoying your work

  3. Tman it is the SAME sickness, this is what happens EVERY TIME I get sick, it just stays for a while and gets annoying and eventually my body kills it.

    thanks, um I guess I will call you Horny, if not that then Always, or Gay Boy, your choice. If you want to upload pictures to your blog all you have to do is have the picture downloaded and know where it is located. Then you just press the picture of the nice landscape that looks like a picture an upload a picture in there and it is now in you blog post.


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