Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Katie!!!!

So today was a little boring, but also fun.

In Spanish we watched my group’s telenovela, if you want to find it, it is on YouTube, but you will have to find it. If you think you found mine send me an email ad I will tell you is you have the correct one. Then I remember today was Katie’s Birthday, it is a good thing she knew I was not going to have any presents for her today, but if she si reading this, which I doubt she is, but it is possible, Happy Birthday Katie, a small present is under this paragraph, I hope you like it…um I mean him!

So then I worked on a video in my media class for about 2 hours, and while looking through footage I found this clip of a CUTE college guy practicing field goals, AND I was not the one filming him, and the person who filmed it was a guy, actually the same guy I had the conversation with yesterday. Almost makes me wonder, lol!

So I then had a math test and I think I did well. Then I had weightlifting where I got sore and tired.

Earlier today, shit now it is yesterday, well screw it I am still awake so I am going to say it is still the 26th! So I commented on a post on Rike's Blog about how he wanted more followers and how he was comparing his followers to Gay Andy's Blog and I responded by saying how Andy has a lot of followers who might be pedophiles because of all of the pictures of cute boys he posts. And in response tman seemed skeptical, or was it outraged, well that is how I read it, so I decided to look into what I said by looking at his latest followers. He has one person with a blog with possible child pornography, and another 8 bloggers that are purely about pornography, so I just saying I may be a little incorrect, but I am also a little correct. So that is what I found.

To end this post I am going to start an area where I will write down something that happened to me today, so I will have something to remember each day I blog about by.

Today Was The Day That: I first learned that Alabama is not a great place for a gay person to be.

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. I am nearing my 50th post and wondering if any of my readers wants me to do anything special, but if you chose for me to do something like a 50 facts about me, that is not going to happen at my 100th post.


  1. hey, if you have a problem with Tman, i would email him before blogging about him. i offended him once, then emailed him about it. he is a really cool guy with good advice. im not trying to put you down, im just saying.


  2. No, actually, Hans, I want to know these things... I've commented to different bloggers in the last few months that sometimes I feel like I'm a lone voice in the wilderness and I doubt the intentions of certain people that leave comments on some of the younger blogs... I tend to be a skeptical person, but I also don't believe in painting people with a broad brush. Having lived on this earth for a long time, tho, makes me a realist, and I like to know what's what, and would take great offense, if someone misunderstood MY intentions, and decided that because there were pictures of cute guys at someone's blog ( like Andy's), that I went there to cruise for kids... Given those dynamics, your blog qualifies at times, and frankly, I have NO (zero, zilch) interest in wasting my time, trying to be supportive of a young gay kid, if he thinks I'm trying to get into his pants!
    So, kid, you should know, that when you make these kinds of statements, yeah, I'm going to take notice! Am I outraged?? Only if that is what you believe! Let me know. Until then, I won't be taking the time to care about what you do or think... luv (I think) tman

  3. SO i just want to say I DO NOT have anything on tman. I was just trying to prove a point, although I think I am a little wrong because I only found one of his recent followers has child pornography, or at least the naked boy looked like we was about 15-17, so I can say I possibly found one pedophile. I think the rest of the porn ones I found we clean in the way of not having child pornography. I was just proving a point, I was not targeting any blogger or reader, but I was saying it is a possibility and I stand by what I said because I think I could probably find some more people with C.P. on their blogs if I can see his full followers list. Tman I am sorry if you were offended I was not targeting you at all, especially because a pedophile who really wanted to use a blogger would not be his real age. So I am sorry if you feel that I have offended you, if you think your trial of reading my blog is over well that is your choice, but these are my opinions and my blogs I have made this blog to express myself, and you feel offended when I say something I feel it true, and kind of proven is true a bit, and you get offended then you should decide f you really want to continue reading a blog that you feel the writer of is wrong and incorrect in some things he feels is true.
    If what I have said made no sense at times that is because I am writing this quickly and I am not going to edit what I have just said.
    Hanschen Moritz Gabor

  4. No kid... Actually, I just spent the last hour, looking at profiles and links at Andy's blog to look into what you said... I am not as surprised, as much as I a depressed to find the links that I did... Of course, when people choose to follow a blog, they do, for all kinds of reasons, and that's why I'm not surprised.... I can't read into their minds or intentions, but, it would seem to me that if somebody wanted to get off on child porn, that would be the poorest, possible choice!! Andy has spoken about this in the past, and actually tried to make a post about a week ago, disgusted by what he found in a Google search... I caught the post, shortly after it appeared, and suggested that he take it down, even tho his intentions were pure, and his outrage was real... He did, and seemed to be very frustrated by my opinion that he was exposing himself to liability because of the nature of the cartoons that he posted... They weren't terribly explicit, but could have been misinterpreted, and cause him some grief... He wanted to make a statement about the lewd links that Google provided, but I thought there might be a less dangerous way to speak to that...

    I won't stop following your blog, Hans... I think, tho, that you should be careful about making broad statements that carry these kinds of implications... But, I'll have to admit that there is merit to your comment, too, and I should be diligent in ways that never occurred to me as well... I've never checked the profiles of the followers that end up at my blog... Until recently, it wouldn't have made any difference... Nobody was following my blog anyways- I only posted occasionally, due to my busy building schedule, and desire to stay unaddicted to the ether... lol I don't know what happened with that!! I'm actually a little concerned that I've let this medium intrude too much into my life...

    Anyways, I don't think that the occasional pictures that Andy posts are intended to attract the wrong element... I joke with him about the hot guys that he seems to like and often ham it up a bit, because I think we need to have fun with life... He knows where I stand on all of this, and that it's my way of supporting his likes and dislikes, and after all, the pictures are never pornographic... I wouldn't follow if they were... There's PLENTY of places to go for that!! Well 'nough said.. have a good Saturday,kid! luv, tman<3


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