Friday, March 19, 2010

So Happy I Could Die

Hey guys. So I think I have officially figured out that most days in my life come in two different parts, both based on how I am feeling.

Part One: I do not really know how to describe it, but I think melancholiness would work.

· Woke up tired and congested, you know the usual

· Kind of had to rush to get to school on time, so I forgot my iTouch at home, which is like torture for me, but I survived.

· Had Spanish and was just really bored and kind of hated the class today

· Went to see how the Lady Gaga tickets were selling at the local arena she is playing at, and saw that they sold out within ten minutes of going on sale :(

Part Two: Happiness and being content

· Filmed in my media class and had A LOT of fun doing it

· Found out I ACTUALLY got the Lady Gaga tickets, they may not be in the best spot, BUT OMG I FUCKING GOT LADY GAYGAY TICKETS!!! :-)

· Had math and did well on a quiz, so I was happy

· Hung with Katie for a while and did homework while she talked to random people

So have people been watching the March Madness tournament going on? Well I have and I just want you guys to know to root for Syracuse, because I am a big fan of them, and that cutie Andy Rautins(I say cutie because he is the hottest on the team and a stud on the court)...

This is the hottest picture I could find of him, he looks WAY better when he plays!

...and West Virginia because I have Extra Credit points riding on it.

Well happy Friday ad hello weekend. My sister is coming home so my house is going to be full of cute-ish friends of my sister, but they are mostly assholes.

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. What a shame... I hate cute guys that are assh**es; I'd much rather have a nice guy with a cute ass****, oops,sorry, I mean, well, you know what I mean... lol nice picture, by the way... What kind of dance is that? The 3 hands that I can make out are all kind of on their way to some kind of mischief, but I can't decide if they ever got there!! Oh, and Syracuse has always had a few nice looking boys, but for real heartbreakers over the years, I nominate Duke... I've started to wonder if Coach Mike over there has a little gay in him.... OOOO!! There have been some real hotties playing point guard and foward on that team; I can't watch the games in 'mixed' company, unless I remain seated the whole time!!! lol luv, tman<3

  2. WOW that was kind of a jumble of thoughts. Yes cute asshole are WAY worse than nice guys with cute asses. Yeah well they seem to be the nice touchy feely type friends, or maybe they are more than friends. Okay I have no ideas who the hot duke guys are, send me some pics at my email, okay. and WOW you have NO control of your penis, you should see the new movie "How To Train Your Dragon" it might help you train your one-eyed monster.


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