Thursday, March 11, 2010

“I told you she didn’t have a dick!” “Too bad!”

Okay well today was just normal.

· Woke up right before my alarm

· Got to school right on time

· Watched Planet Earth in science, but mainly talked to this new girl in the school, who is pretty cool

· Took a GIANT test in English, where I had to write an essay

· Presented a project in History, and my group was the only one that had no technical hiccups, so yay my group

· Ran, did some homework, weight lifted, walked home

So that was my day in a nutshell.

Okay did anyone else see the music video for “Telephone” by Lady Gaga!?! I mean OMG that was such an AWESOME FUCKING video; I truly have no idea which video of hers I prefer, the Bad Romance or Telephone! Which one do you prefer? AND OMG did you see the Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill, I mean HOLY SHIT Quentin Tarantino let her use it, good that is why I LOVE Quentin!

In honor of Lady Gaga I give you this photo:

Life putters and wanders,



  1. bad romance or paparazi videos are badass :)

    im not much of a fan of telephone D=

  2. cute photos! keep em coming....

    and i concur, bad romance

  3. I like your sign off line, it's the journey that is important, not the destination.

  4. @Euphoria Yes Bad Romance and Paparazzi are really awesome, especially Bad Romance! Too bad you did not like Telephone, I thought it was her best video in story, and second best in video quality.

    @Earl Grey I actually feel it is a tie between Bad Romance and Telephone.

    @Waffles Ibid. And thank you I have about a hundred more, so they WILL keep coming!

    @Billy Thanks I really have NO idea where I came up with it!

  5. Haha I haven't seen either...

    Oh I guess I have seen Bad Romance, so that one.

    Get used to writing essays, by my senior year we were writing an essay in class every week by the end of the year.

  6. @Rhythym Changes Well it is ALL over youtube, it is defiantly worth watching. Yeah I know Essays are going to be a mainstay in English forever, but I am okay with that as long as I am interested and able to understand what I am writing.


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