Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Family News

Well I have even more family news that has just happened! Today my family learned that my cousins’ family, who are currently housing my grandmother have decided to downsize because of all of the economic changes that have happened to them. In their new house they will not be able to house my grandma, so we will have to move her into my sister’s old room. This will be a bit of an inconvenience for my family, but it will turn out well because my grandma REALLY dislikes my aunt.

Well that is about it for today.

Life putters and wanders,



  1. It sounds like you like your grandma, so that's a good thing! Hey, by the way, I wish the hot guys around here were as creative as the guy in the pix; I'd spend all my time looking for hitchhikers... lol luv, tman<3

  2. Oh family drama, how fun.

    And on a completely unrelated note, I love that you love musicals. Have you ever heard "The Last Five Years"?

  3. glad that some people's families don't ditch them/are close enough to care still

    love those pics btw, which do you prefer? (and not just the first one cause he's all ab-tastic)

  4. @tman I actually dont like having her around for too long, she is REALLY talkative
    @rhythym YES I have, one of the amazing discoveries I found while listening to Sweeney Todd and spring awakening's station on Pandora! I really want to see it live!
    @anita The first because he is cuter, and of course the restricted reason you gave me.


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