Sunday, March 28, 2010


Okay my throat has been killing me all day, and I have had a GIANT headache, but today was still ok.

I really am just tried, but have a few things to share. I love that my twitter has kind of blown up because I really like being connected even further to the gay community that is around my age and around the world.

Now today I was looking at this new blog called hornynhard gay boy and I was reading about his coming out experience and there was a point where his dad was in his hotel room wanting to know if he was gay, and the dad was furious, and that was before he even told his dad. And his dad said

I opened the door mum threw her arms around me and dad closed the door behind him. Right what the fuck is going on dad demanded mum growled at him. " That wee cunt Gary Stewart told our John that you tried perv him up is it true " Dad more shouted than asked. I did not know what to say I just held my head in my hands. " Look if your a fucking queer just admitt it" Mum lost her rag and told him to get out of the room and wait in the car. Dad stormed out of the room slaming the door. I broke down crying like a two year old…”

So this is exactly what I am fearing for when I come out. If the situation remotely gets close to that I would just not be able to do anything. I just can NOT handle if that ever happened I just completely fear anything like that ever happening to me.

No on a lighter note I want to share a bit of an AIM conversation I had with Katie. In it I am trying to get her to try and like math, even though that is never going to happen:

Katie: ewwwwww

me: what???????????

Katie: I hate math

me: yeah but love it and I am willing to teach it to you

think of me as a matchmaker for you and math

math is the shitty looking guy

who has the BEST personality

but you only see his personality once you get to know him

like knowing how 3x5 equals 15 gets him got and bothered

and then you learn that 5^3 almost makes him want to go and ravish you all night long

: hahah

oh god HMG...

how the hell did u come up with that


: my own dirty mind LOL

Katie: oh of course *Heart*

me: I know, okay if you want a visual of math’s personalities I will give you them

Katie: hahha

thanks =)



Geometry and Trigonometry

and finally the stud

Mr. Calculus

Katie: ahahahhahaaha

oh god HMG

me: LOL so katie if you keep going you will eventually meet studly Mr. Calculus

Okay time for the new photo of the night:

Life Putters and Wanders,



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  1. Yes, but the way Eddie's father accepted him was brilliant! "But for fuck sake son if your going tae get a boyfriend get a better looking one than that cunt Gary Stewart he is one ugly bastard" Best line ever from a father!

    I loved the AIM conversation. I swear getting a math-hater to love math is harder than getting a gay-hater to turn gay!


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