Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don’t You Just Hate It When…

…You think of something interesting to write about and you say, “DON’T FORGET TO WRITE THIS DOWN SO YOU DON’T FORGET IT!” then you completely forget to write it down so you don’t remember it when it comes time to write it! Yeah that JUST happened to me!

Well the first big thing I want to mention is that because of an AWESOME benefactor I have now received another 70 or so pictures so I am really happy, as long as I can find something to blog about and don’t have to keep giving you eye candy when my post are boring or short!

So in case some people were wondering my cousin’s baseball team won :(! For those that do not read my twitter I was at my school today to watch my cousin play against my high school’s baseball team, sadly that is just about everything I did today!

SO…In order to try and make this post interesting I want everyone who comments to ask ATLEAST one question, but more is preferred! These questions can be as perverted you would like, as crazy as you can think of, and about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING (EXCEPT THE P.S., SORRY IT IS A PERSONAL MATTER)!

P.S. 956, I hope you understand that, if you are reading this please contact me , if anything bad happened it is ALL my fault!


  1. Do you ever fantize about doing a sexual position? What is it?

  2. Yes the reverse cowgirl, either position!


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