Friday, March 5, 2010

Eye Candy

Okay so I have nothing to really talk about, SO I have decided to comment on a comment I received on my last post by tman.

So I do not live in a conservative place in the United States, I live in California, by conservative I mean that the city I live in has more conservative families. That is all I meant by conservative.

Now about church, I NEVER hear that type of stuff at church for two reasons. One being that saying evolution is real in church is CRAZY! Second is that I do not go to, and have never actually gone to church, by that I mean for a service, well maybe a wedding, but that is it. The closest thing to a church I have gone to is Temple because my mother’s family is Jewish. Yeah I feel very strongly against religion.

Okay I really just want to clarify that that post was kind of my way reaction to some of the things I am learning in my science class, I COMPLETELY thought of it, none of the things I wrote about homosexuality I got from other sources except my own mind.

So since this post is kind of lacking I am giving you all TWO photos!

P.S. OMG Telephone music video in 3 days! YAY!

P.P.S. I have a special photo for that day!

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  1. My bad, kid... I thought you were from the 'Bible Belt' part of the county... I don't know why that was locked in my brain, but it At any rate, as you learn more and more about being gay in this world, I hope and pray that you will find a way to love who you are- you are as special as any straight boy and are on this earth for a special reason... I know this in my heart. I have spent nearly 50 years struggling with these things and the journey has brought me to where I started as a young boy; I have always loved people and could not understand why they could not love ME as a gay boy... I have had a long journey and am very tired, but I can say that it was worth the effort. Now, young guy, your journey has just started, but on a road well travelled. Take my love with you and leave your burdens on my shoulders. You are loved. tman<3<3


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