Monday, March 1, 2010

Katie and Emo

Okay so life has not been too interesting, but I guess I do have some things I can talk about.

Okay so first I am going to answer Earl Grey’s questions from my last post:

Would you rather be too warm or too cold? Too cold, it is way better.

Would you rather date someone with cute eyes or a nice smile? Definitely cute eyes, eyes show the soul of a person.

So people keep asking me questions!

And wow now that I think about it I post a lot of what I should be putting in posts on my Twitter so I would follow it if you want to get the WHOLE story of my life.

Okay so the last thing I have to tell everyone is that I told Katie that I blog, but I have not told her where to find my blog, but I will if she asks, so you might see her commenting, so whatever.

Okay so I have decided to integrate a post I made a while back so here it is:

Okay so I have been wondering for a while, why do most of the younger gay community LOVE guys that have the emo style. Is it because they have the stereotype of being gay? Or is it because we just love how they have longish-flat ironed black or dark colored dyed hair? Or is it because we love tight clothes on fit, slender guys? Okay I just want your opinion because I don’t really get it, but I wanna learn why?

He is SO CUTE!


  1. Personally i love their hair and bods!!! *sigh* SO HOTT!

  2. yeah what is it with gay guys liking emos? i think they unatractive. im a a guy who likes a guy witha buzz and has a rocked out body. its like why get with a guy who spends more time on there hair then a girl? they weigh less then a girl! help me understand?

  3. Differn't Strokes for differn't folks.

    Just as not everyone who's gay is flamer, not everyone wants a hyper-masculine guy.

    I do admit, emo's can be pretty cute, and for me it stems from their slight femininity. It doesn't make them girls, they still have penises. One of the comments I see every now and then from guys in the community is that if they wanted to date a girl they would date one (suggesting they want men who are 'real' men). While this is ok, don't project it on everyone. Don't demean the flamers and the femmes for not being 'manly' enough.

    Eh that turned into a rant, sorry.

    And yes all of the reasons you give too.


    Favorite place on earth?
    Favorite gum?
    What kind of music do you like?
    Any hidden talents you haven't told us about?

    Sorry if any of these have been asked or answered already.

  4. Wow that went much longer than I thought it did. haha

  5. ewwww emo kids... tight pants don't do it for me, neither do sulky people... also just last week i saw two emo kids making out on the bus and was very confused, mostly because both of their genders were a complete mystery to me...

    @rhythym, don't call them flamers please, some of my best friends spent the better part of their childhood dodging that incendiary little term

    what's your biggest pet peeve that sounds made up?

    i for one hate people making up numbers and attaching a percent to it to describe something (oh i feel a million-bajillion, quintillion hundred and four percent!)

  6. @whycanti16 I think their hair is a little weird, long hair on a guy makes me think, “wow, why do you want to look like a hippie or a girl?”, but their bodies are really nice!

    @arodomon Exactly, I think a lot are, but only because of their hair, but I also find that a buzz cut is not the best look for a lot of guys.

    @Rhythym Changes Ya I know , but I just wanted to know why so many are attracted to them. But ya I do think that being emo does seem like something femme, but not something to be demeaned for.
    Favorite place? New York City
    Favorite gum? 5 Lush
    What kind of music? Pop, show-tunes, alternative rock, classical, hell all types, except country.
    Any hidden talents? I have absolutely no idea if I have ANY hidden talents.

    @Waffles I don’t think emo guys are icky, and tight pants are a turn on for me, but ya sulky is not a good quality in a person.
    I have no idea what the last part means exactly, but I will answer what I understand, my biggest pet peeve is someone who decides to play a person’s emotions, I guess it is not a pet peeve, but what ever.

  7. Haha why is it that everyone says they like all types of music... except country.

    I for one, do like country music! haha


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