Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's BACK!!

Well I have some more family drama. My sister is leaving tomorrow…AND THEN coming back in a week to get he rwisdo teeth removed, so my house is going to quiet for a week. WAIT SHIT, just remembered my grandmother is moving in on Monday, okay then I have 3 days of quiet before all hell breaks loose. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

So today I woke up about 7 times before officially waking up, and what is worse is that my tongue was just about rock hard because my nose has been so congested that I could not sleep without my mouth open, and what is worse is that it ruined my throat and it has been hurting ALL day, so YAY for illnesses.

Yeah, so today I had a lot of fun with Katie and Swiss, I think Swiss and I have become a little closer lately, I mean we are a little similar in our opinions of guys, except she has a wider range for who she would go for, but that is only based on looks though, I am the type that would really need to learn a person’s true self to actually completely fall in love with them, till that time the highest love type I hold is a crush.

Well I am typing this in my family room, so I have to be careful and quick so Good Night, wish me better (again)!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Hope your tongue feels better, kid... lol Oh, and I like your approach to love- very nice, AND smart!! Have a good Thursday!! luv, tman<3

  2. Not being able to breath through your nose really sucks. Go to the drug store and get a bottle of nose drops containing 1% phenylephrine hydrochloride. You can get the spray version, but the drops are much easier to use if you are in the bed. It is not addictive like the 12 hour nose drops/spray and will open your nasal passages up so that you can sleep.

  3. Hope you feel better! As Tman says i like your approach to love and i'm kinda like that too. Some people just have the looks but no the personality and i hate that. If your lucky though you'll fine someone cute with a great personality :)

    Kieren x


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