Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Boring Mediocre Gay-I Mean Day

Well today seemed to be just a mix pot of things, although they were mostly on the lower more annoying side of spectrum, but I am resilient and know that I can keep on keeping on no matter how sad and annoying the world around me is.

The Morning:

Today I woke up at, god I forget what time it was. I worked on getting things together for going to school to film the telenovela and going to Starbucks afterwards to hang with Katie and work on an essay. SO I brought my laptop, a borrowed school camera, and some other random homework in case I have free time. After getting the stuff ready I rushed to school and learned I forgot my tripod and went hoem to get it. When I eventually went back to the school a half hour after when we were supposed to wait, waited an hour for my partner in the project to come, and learned he had bailed on me.

The Afternoon:

Went home and found the house empty, so of course I decided to do something DIRTY, and watched the latest episodes of Skins, but eth FUCKING player I was watching it on stopped RIGHT in the middle of my favorite character, Effy’s episode, so I decided to watch some basketball. THEN my parents came home and decided that we needed to fix up the room my sister is moving into NOW so we can make it easy for her to get her stuff in there. While doing that I was able to get this GIANT desk, it is GIANT because my room is TINY, out of y room so now I actually have space to do things. Later my sister came hoe and brought a bunch of friends with her, all girls so nothing to actually talk about.


I got a message from someone who I do not want to disclose on this blog. He is gay, knows I am and he is freaking out because this guy he likes may not actually like him and because he is being clingy. If you are reading this comment anonymously unless you want everyone to know who you are then get a Google account and use it to comment as yourself.

Okay well that is it for tonight, here is your Cutie picture of the day:

Life Putters and Wanders,

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  1. Geezz!! What is that kid looking at?? He must be trying to figure out the pattern on his boys' speedo... Yeah, that's it. Hey, HMG, what happened to all the guys your sister was going to have over?? Sounds like it was all a bust... maybe you should invite some football buddies over for a party/sleepover, or is that too 'gay' nowadays?? just saying... luv, tman<3


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