Friday, March 12, 2010

I Am Sick

Well today was good, except for that part that I think I am sick.

· Woke up at usual time, but my throat hurt, it eventually went away, until I left for school and I have been feeling it ever since

· Had Spanish and started to write a script for my telenovela, I think it is going well

· Got congested

· Worked on my other film project

· Had math and received a test back and got only ONE point off, I was SO happy!

· Katie came and took me away to help with boy and school trouble

Okay then I went home and rested for a bit, then I went to this AWESOME Asian Fusion restaurant in honor of my dad getting a job, and I took pics, but with my phone so they are not the best quality!

The AWESOME menu for the restaurant, made completely of wood!

The Thai Ice Tea that really good, not to mention served in a cool glass.

This is a Smoked Salmon Spring Roll, that was plated pretty nicely, this was one of the best restaurants that I have been to that has great plating.

These are scallops in curry with spinach, that were okay, but the sauce was not spicy enough and there was not enough spinach in the sauce.

This is a lobster tail on noodles with the Thai King's favorite curry, and let me tell you the curry was TASTY!

This is probably the worst picture I took, but it is a set of lamb chops over a little salad of spinach and cabbage with a peanut curry sauce, which was DELICIOUS, this was BY FAR the best dish we had!

Finally, the check-book, also made completely of wood!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. being sick sucks...also i watched the full version of telephone, and it is gorgeous...

    hope we both get better soonish

  2. Gee, sounds like you need to be a lumberjack to get around @ that Still, it's always nice to be able to celebrate something that is so important to a family, and really nice that you support each other that way... I'll bet the food was really good, too!! With the weekend here, I hope you catch up with your sleep and feel better soon... There's a lot of stomach flu popping up around here- I got it a week ago, and I'm very rarely sick, but it was wicked! Hope you don't have that!! Luv, tman hugs2

  3. What wonderful looking food!

    "-got congested" haha I don't know why that's funny to me (the way you put it, not the fact that you're congested...)

  4. @Anita Yeah I HATE being sick, it feels liek I am going to die, though I know I am not going to. YES the Telephone Music Video is SOOOO AWESOME! Yes I hope we both get better soon too.

    @tman LOL, no it was just a very exotic type of fancy restaurant. And the food was DELICIOUS. Yeah I do not think I have a stomach bug, but I hope you get over yours.

    @Rhythym Yes it was some of the best plated food I have ever had in a restaurant! Yeah well I just randomly got congested during the day, LOL, but it is seriously the way that the day went.



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