Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Sick

Well today is one of those days where I just don’t feel like blogging, but I am.

I think I am only blogging right now because I kind of promised myself to post every day, but I mean only if I am able to use my computer and wifi.

Today was normal except that I was Sleep-deprived and pretty sick the entire day

My Highlights:

· Finding a lab that I got a 100%, but science teacher marked me as only getting 2/26 points, which brought my grade down by TWO letter grades.

· Taking a hearing test in a van that can only be described as the NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Lover’s Association) van of choice, and I think I failed it because all the sunds became like white noise in my head and it really confused me so I was like raising my hand for like 30 seconds at a time because my mind was replicating the tone it just heard, LOL, so I think I might be certified as an idiot or partially deaf, IDK.

· Learning that Syracuse got a #1 seat in March Madness

· Going to Starbucks with Katie, and Katie’s friends, shit, what about Swiss LOL whatever. So I went to Starbucks with Katie ad Swiss, I forgot to mention Swiss knows I am gay because she is the observant one that figured it out for Katie. So really I think it is AWESOME to talk about hot guys with them because we all have a little different tastes, but I don’t feel the need to discuss that right now.

· My final highlight of the day is watching the new episode of Chuck because, well, it was AWESOME!

Well I am pretty out of it for now, well good night, or good morning, or merry afternoon, or good brunch, or nice evening!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. SUp HMG did u guys change time like we did? I'm all screwed up in my head today. I keep thinking it's 7am when it's really 8am. Luckily school doesn't start until 9:45 today because teachers have some sort of first period meeting. BTW I **heart** ur blog and the pics you choose for each of your posts. Bfn, Andy

  2. wtf!!! Are you OK??? It sounds like you drank too much cough syrup or something.... I told you that you should have worked out and cooked all those virus thingies out of your blood!! A hearing test in a NAMBLA van??? Now this is starting to sound like an episode of South Park!!! Wow... sleep, sleep, sleep!!! or peels, peels, peels.... whichever looks better, right now!! lol luv, tman<3 hugs2

  3. @gay andy Hell yeah they changed th tie for us, what a stupid idea that is now irrelevant because not everyone lives on a farm anymore. Yeah my hear is still screwed up because of it. AND THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, YOUR BLOG IS WAY BETTER THAN MINE, just speaking the truth. And Just so you know i am actually not a football geek, I know weird loves to play football, but pays more attention to Stephen King. That fight song is defiantly better than my school's.

    @tman I just did not feel like blogging because it was late for me to be posting and I was still tires from the night before. Exactly, it was the perfect van for sexual predators, especially if it is a group of them because it had stalls, lol.


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