Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still Sick, Boring Day

Okay I was tied when I woke up still sick, but good enough to go to school. In science I learned I have a lot of homework to do by Thursday. Then in English I had to quickly read a short story called the Lottery, which as about a crazy tradition in a small town and people getting stoned. In history I learned about the atomic bombs and that I have a giant test in that class on Thursday.

Also today I was talkig with Katie and Swiss and we went into A LOT of discussions about vaginas, sorry if you despise that word, and I could NOT be myself because there were a some other people there, so that was annoying. Also Katie was talking about going to gay bars in San Francisco, but this was to one of her friends who does not know I am gay, but I know she will not care one bit, so I am hoping to go with them if they decide to go because…well…I would be like the ONLY gay person that would go with them! Lol

Okay not much to talk about, and please send em your ideas for what I should do for my 50th post, I want to do something special.

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Question, who wrote that short story? It sounds familiar and I love short stories.

    Vaginas... haha

    Something special to do for you're 50th post... You could always find one of those survey things to fill out to let us know more about you.

  2. I'd like a post about your experience out here as a young gay blogger, and whether it has helped you in any way, to feel comfortable about being gay, or eventually come out to your family, or if you would, as a result of your blog, be more or less inclined to stay in the closet as an athlete.... You've heard a lot about other people's experiences with this- how does any of this affect you? Do you feel more proud of who you are, or less proud, since you started your blog?? luv, tman<3


SHIT! People actually read this blog, okay talk about it here!