Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keeping It Short

Okay I need to keep tonight short.

· Woke up really congested

· Went to school and had a girl chase me into my first class trying to pinch me because I was not wearing green

· Shot a project

· Saw a REALY CUTE guy who is just so AMAZING, but he is STARIGHT why do all of the best guys have to be straight UGH!!!!

· Learned I fail at basketball

· Learned high school people are crazy

· Hung out with Katie and Swiss and talked about boys and everything and her relationship problems

· Found I had Katie’s wallet so I decided to give her some cheap presents, I think it total they cost $2

Okay well it is pretty much it. For the cavemen thing my serious oen was they compromise, one climbs the tree, the other shakes him down, after the fisrt gets the apple. The second eats the first and has the apple for dessert.

My fake one is they compromise and both get the apple. Share it. Then have hard sweaty hairy hot cavemen sex on the ground for months at a time while waiting for more apples to blossom.

Life Putters and Wanders,

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  1. lol i just loved your second compromise.i know id do that


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