Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life is My iTouch

The answers to teh questions you AWESOME guys asked me have been posted on the comments for my last post, and can I say, "OMFG 5 comments that is AWESOME THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH (wow I am a comment whore)!"

Okay so I am really happy right now for no real reason, but I guess I will describe my day.

So my day at school kind of sucked because I forgot to take my iTouch and driver’s permit with me so it was really boring. So I had a test in my science class and I think I did well probably a B+ or A-, so I am happy. Then in English my CRAZY teacher sang this really weird happy birthday song that was about death, to this student whose birthday it was, but then we watched Life is Beautiful, it was such a FUNNY movie, from what I have seen (which is half the film), but it might become quite sad near the end.

Then for weightlifting we maxed out today and I maxed at 315 lbs for dead lift and 255 lbs for back squat, so I was really happy J!

Now I want to talk about Pete, so I want to text him, but I guess I REALLY don’t care whether I do or don’t and I really have not had the time to text him anyway, but I guess I will talk to Katie and see what she thinks since she is the one that told me about him, and vice-versa. So I will get back to you with what she tells me to do, but I bet the ONLY thing she is going to say is, “TEXT HIM!” and that is going to be it, and then we are going to move on to her multitude of problems, but whatever that is just who Katie is and I am used to it!


  1. I love Life is Beautiful! Great movie.

    I had a english teacher who played the guitar and sang everyday and we would respond on the lyrics. He was awesome, I still see him every now and then. He was my debate coach too and now I'm judging debate, so yeah...

    Haha comment whore.

  2. OMG hmg 315 dead weight?? Ur gonna drop ur ballz lifting that much weight. Geeeez u gotta be one strong M/F dat's fo sho! I'm impressed!
    Any thoughts of going pro? And if you play pro what NFL team would you like to play for? Pleeeezzzz don't say the Dallas Cowboys. I'm so over them.

  3. @rhythym changes YEs it is so great, but I have not seen the ending, but it is hopefully great.
    Ya well your English teacher sounds better than mine, mine jut acts weird, but he is good.
    I know I ADORE, no WANT TO MARRY my comments! LOL

    @gay Andy Dude 315 is actually not as much as one would think, especially for a lineman, but thank you very much.
    I actually have no intentions of continuing playing football after high school, but I mean I will not turn down an offer if I have nothing if I do not get into my number one choice then I probably would. For an NFL team I would want to play for it would have to be the New York Giants!

  4. TEXT HIM!!!! wheres the drama??? come on... :D

    comment whoring all the way!!


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