Tuesday, April 20, 2010


WOW so today was just a day, kind of like yesterday.

Did a lot of random stuff in science, some more random stuff English, then watched Schindler's List in history.

Then before weightlifting I was pressured again to come out if I was gay, but I used my logic reasoning to convince them I was straight. Oh and of course the reason was because of Glee.

Speaking of Glee I am currently watching the Power of Madonna episode! My new personal motto is not WWMD, take a guess what it means? Yeah dudes have I told you all how much I absolutely love Jonathan Groff, yeah he plays Jesse St. James, he is gay in real life and I personally think he is just so cute. Also he has such an amazing voice!

Umm trying to think about what else happened today. Oh I watched “Another Gay Movie”, the first gay film I have ever seen, ironically, and it was quite good and funny, all but the “Edge of Seventeen” parody guy were quite cute.

Finally the last thing that happened today was that I finally got to talk to Whycanti16 again after a few days of not talking and I am pleased to say that the Small Town Twink, a nickname I came up for him, now has a new boyfriend who sounds awesome.

So that episode was so awesome and amazing I am currently watching it again! God “Like a Prayer” was just so awesome!

Life Putters and Wanders,

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