Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Italian Relatives Are Crazy and Awesome!

Well I am here in New Jersey at the moment and I am lucky enough to have found an awesome hotel with wifi.

So my flight as cool, Jet Blue is awesome because they have TVs for each seat and that is pretty much how I spent the 5 ½ hour flight, just watching T.V.

So I got into JFK around 6:15 today and then I got to the hotel my family is staying at at 8:00ish, and I was tired, by then I had been up for almost a full day. So when I got to the room I tried to fall asleep and I got around 30 minutes or so before my legs randomly cramped up. The pain eventually went away, so I tried to sleep again, and the second I started to doze I got another cramp. That second part happened 4 more times today until I eventually decided to just stand up and do other stuff.

Then at 3 my family went to the house of one of my cousin’s where I learned two things:

1. Italian families are GIGANTIC, like everyone there was a cousin of mine in some relation, either a first cousin, second cousin, I even think there was a third cousin. I was also told that the family on my dad’s grandma’s side is trying to have a family reunion, but they can’t find a place large enough yet because there would be over 200 relatives there. I mean OMG!

2. Italian families are HILARIOUS. I mean two of my cousins, both in their fifties (one just had a hip replacement), were beating each other with plastic plates, I mean it was hilarious, and I mean just Italian people are so funny.

So tomorrow I am doing today all over again except this time it will be my dad’s granddad’s side of the family.

Well I need to sleep so goodnight.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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