Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That's Number 4!

Today I had Spanish which involved having my teacher come up with a crazy weird verb song. Then I had Media where I quickly typed a 10-minute resume because I procrastinated doing it on Monday. Finally I had math where I suddenly got a headache that kind of killed em and pissed me off because it is really from the stress of this project I have to do for my history class about genocide.

After school I was just hanging around on my own hoping that my head ache would go away enough that I would be good to walk home when one of my football buddies came over and asked me to go with him to Starbucks because when he “goes alone, [he] feel[s] like a loner.” So I went with him and he mentioned how I did not deny to the other football players being gay, which is kind of true, so he asked me if I was and I...said....nothing, I neither affirmed nor denied to him that I am gay, but he clearly now knows that I am.

So after Starbucks I walked back with him to the school, don't ask me why. From there I just did random stuff with random people at school and the I left for home. Where I did homework and that is really my day.

Umm is there anything else I want to day, um I am going to see Margaret Cho in September which is awesome! I am also addicted to the Power of Madonna and the American Idiot original cast recording, they are just both so awesome!!

WWMD/Life Putters and Wanders,

P.S. The football player treats me no differently and I don't think he is the type to tell the world that I am gay, but I guess it is cool to have another person know, which brings my total to 4. OOHH I just figured out that one person in each grade at my school now knows I am gay!


  1. Well that's really cool! And man Im just so impressed that football players (even just one) is not freaking out.

    More power to ya Robert :-)


  2. You are very lucky. where I am to come out is to subject yourself to endless harassment.

  3. It seems like you underestimated the tolerance of some of the guys on the team... If this is yet another player that is supporting you, it seems like you're in pretty good shape, Robert!! luv, tman<3


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