Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Day with Great Guesses

Well today was cool, it started with me learning that the ever awesome Nic, posted a recording of me and him talking as an extra on his podcast. If you do not know Nic, I truly recommend his great blog Getting it off my chest because his blog is just so great, and he and his boyfriend are just SO cute!

Next thing that happened was that I correctly predicted that my science teacher would not be at school today because she is in labor from a pregnancy, that I guessed about first. So we had another sub tell us about the male reproductive system, at least she was an old sex ed. teacher, so it was okay for her I think.

Then in English we were talking about new philosophers, well actually two of them. And my first guess, to be funny, was the Wonder Twins, which of course was wrong. Then I had to think of another funny one and I came up with Batman and Robin, AGAIN to be funny, and I was half-correct! It was actually Batman and the Joker, but still I guessed a fake funny pair and getting half correct was just so awesome I think, so I have had some pretty good guesses today.

Oh and while waiting for weightlifting to start I told one of my football buddies that he can now make fun of me for watching Glee, and when I said that one of the upperclassmen on the team said, “Dude if you are gay just tell everyone, I won;t judge you on it, just don't wait and lie, we will accept you. I don't want to force you out, but if you are you should just come out.” Well of course I chose to lie and wait because I really am not ready to come out to everyone, just yet because I just don't want to be cast out by the rest of the school just yet.

Well now onto music because I just got two AWESOME albums from iTunes,
The first is the Glee the Music-The Power of Madonna Album . It really has its best song in “Like a Prayer”, so if you decide to not get the album, I recommend just getting that song because it is so epic.
The second is the American Idiot (the Original Broadway Cast) because it is just like album American Idiot and 21st Cebtury Breakdown, but it has more singers that are also just so amazing. My favorite songs from it, weel they are all so amazing, is Before the Lobotomy, Jesus of Suburbia, Know Your Enemy, 21 Guns, and Letterbomb.

Well it is getting late, so goodnight everyone.

Life Putters and Wanders,

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  1. Well Robert, it makes my heart glad that you have some support on your football team... that's really cool!! You, of course, have the right to come out, if and when, you want, but, if this guy is in a position to be powerful support, you might be in a better position than I thought!! Take your time, but this is good news!! luv, tman<3


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