Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summary of Twitter Today (With a Little Added Extra)

I was contemplating whether I should actually write this post or not, but I decided to because not everyone follows my twitter.

Today really started at school, like it always does. I was in science and I have this British substitute that I had on Tuesday. Really just did nothing in that class except be on twitter the entire time.
Then for English I had to write an in class essay that was kind of suckish because I needed more time to actually complete it. And for History I had to present a Genocide presentation to the class and it went well for not having had a lot of preparation.

Oh and sometime in between Science and English Kathryn told me that the entire school expects and thinks I am gay, so I guess my school has some good gay-dar or I am way more stereotypical than I thought.

Then I had weightlifting where I did some running before, but we had a while in between the running and the weightlifting, so the football guy that knows I am gay and I went to this smoothie place around the school and while on the way he made a lot of gay jokes. I do not know if that is a form of acceptance, but I do play around with the jokes sometimes so I don't know.

Then I weight-lifted and went home. I watched some naughty stuff thanks to a naught person. Watched 30 Rock and this weeks Lost.

That is pretty much it for me today.
Life Putters and Wanders,

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  1. Well- that sounds like a nice thursday at least.

    So how do you feel about the fact that the whole school expects you to be gay? seems like its a good thing! :-)



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