Saturday, April 3, 2010

My 50th

So you guys want to know another reason I am in such a melancholy mood right now is my family.

Currently my entire family is here, that now includes my grandma who now lives here. So when I was younger both my parents worked and my sister and I had a nanny who would just be around and she was always awesome. So my real interactions with my family were during the weekend and even those were little and enough. As we grew older we let her go and I got a little bit more interaction and was happy to have it.

NOW it feels like I am being smothered. My parents have been getting home earlier (except my dad which is good because I saw him a lot while he was laid off) and when they are not home my grandmother is. The real problem I guess is my grandma I mean she always wants to talk, is really annoying, and leaves no privacy. I mean it is just too annoying having them all around now, I am used to being alone and independent. I do not advise being independent or alone, but I am able to cope with it well. So yeah I was used to one way of things and now that my family is fucking it up it frustrates and irritates me.

Well this is my 50th post, so that is around 50 days, except for when I posted twice, and I have nothing special except this photo:

I also want to remind you all of the ways to contact me:

AIM/Twitter: lrtackle15



*New* Skype: lrtackle15

Life Putters and Wanders,


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