Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Media Class Was Crazy Today!

So today was kind of a good day.

In Spanish I took a GIANT test that lasted the entire period for the entire class to finish.

Then in my media class we have started this cool like business unit and today we had media professionals and we learned 3 big things today:

· The first was that in order to write a good résumé when you have not a lot of experience on your plate is to write about what skills you are good at and like to do. So we pretty much spent 20 minutes helping each other out figuring what we are good at doing (and of course playing around with other people by making fun of each there a bit, but I mean we all knew that other was joking)

· The second thing we learned about was interviewing and how CRAZY it is I mean that way it was explained was that:

1. First you call in and have an over the phone interview

2. Then you have a second over the phone interview

3. Then you either have a real interview or a third over the phone one

4. Then you either have another interview like one-on-one or you have a 5 hour extravaganza where you talk to just about everyone in the company and are interviewed by them, called a panel interview

5. Finally you either get the job or go home and commit suicide or die because of the crazy stressfulness of all the interviewing

· So am I the only one who NEVER wants to get interviewed for a job, EVER

· So the final thing we learned was networking and how to mooch off of our friends and dental-hygienists (yeah I know WHY THE FUCK would you proposition a dental hygienist if they know any companies that are looking to fill spaces in their company?) in order to get a job

That was what I learned in my media class today and I actually think it will be useful in life, unlike the natural log of a tree, jk there is no such think I don’t think.

So that is it!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Don't get too wound up about the job interview thing... The approach I always took, early on, when I had no experience, was to indicate my sincere willingness to work hard and learn WHATEVER it would take to do the job... Companies loved that, as long as they were convinced of my sincerity and thought I was capable of the learning part... Enthusiasm was a big factor... When I started my own business, I realized the same thing when hiring new employees- A smart, unmotivated guy is useless, whereas an average, motivated guy can make the company money. That, after all, is the bottom line. So, if I interviewed a guy for a job, and liked what I saw, at first, that was check #1... If the guy then followed up with a phone call within a few days, to see if I had made a decision, that was check #2.... Without that phone call, forget it!!! I would tell the applicant during that phone call, that I had narrowed my list of potential candidates, and would make my decision within 3 days... (That was true, but if he hadn't called, he wouldn't have been on that list!). Then, if I got the follow up phone call 3 days later, asking if I had decided, I knew that this was the guy for my company! He was determined and eager to work.... It never failed that I got the type of employee that I was looking for, this way... Other friends of mine that were also business owners, employed similar tactics, to separate the wheat from the chaff... It's not rocket science, but it works!

    Never give up, if you really want a particular job... You might not make the first cut... Who cares?? If you showed your desire to work for that company, and are willing to start at the bottom, and work your way up, you will get noticed, and may get the next, available job... If you come across as lazy, or unmotivated, forget it!! You can go to 100 interviews and not get hired!! There you go, kid!! I hope that insider look will open your eyes and help!! luv, tman<3

  2. Hans

    I hope that is ok to refer to you that way. I saw your comment on John Doe's blog and well i plyed football too so i had to come over and say hello

    Networking i thik is always the best way to find a job. I think that you need to interview well also but all that is is feelng comfortable about who u are and what you know

    i hope all is well, take care and be safe



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