Monday, April 5, 2010

Katie Needs the Help of the Gays!!

Okay well I have some thinks about my life I could be telling you but I have decided to do something selfless, and that is get your opinions on a situation Katie is in. I mean they say gays are great at helping straight girls with their boy problems so let’s test that.

So lately she has been having boy trouble. So let me lay out her two choices.

Ryan: He is clearly infatuated by Katie and was been wanted to be her boyfriend for around 2 months. He is nice to her and great to her, but he is kind of bi-polar and clingy, both things that she finds quite annoying in a guy. So around a month ago she was going to tell him she liked him also and before she could tell him that he came to me and wanted to know what he could say to not hurt her feelings if she asked him that. This was a complete surprise to me because Ryan would always want to be close to Katie during lunch and one time they even kissed (although Katie instigated it), but it was still like a why the fuck moment. So being the loyal friend to Katie I told her and she was pissed at him and vowed she was not into him or a high school relationship (which I actually have a bet with her that she will enter into another relationship by Senior Graduation). Now they eventually reconciled and he has confessed he like her a lot and wants to be her boyfriend but Katie has told he she just wants to be friends, but she still has some feelings for him. And in response to that Ryan said he is willing to wait for her. So now he is waiting.

Now there is the other guy (who I personally want her to be with)

Brandon: So I actually have never met Brandon, all I know I have learned from Katie. So like late last year Katie started to befriend this guy that goes to a nearby school and is also a Junior like Katie. So according to her he is “Cute (he is), funny, sweet, caring, masculine, has an 8-pack, and loves her”. So he really wanted to be in a relationship and feel for her because of her personality, although looks probably helped Katie too, she is busty. So he wanted to be with her and she said no, but they still talked and were friends. Then for like a month before and during the whole Ryan situation he kind of “fell of the face of the Earth”. Now he is back and really wants to be with her and she REALLY likes him from what I can tell, but wants to take things slow. Oh yeah she also described him as “almost perfect” for her, so yeah just though I should say that.

Brandon looks a like him except this guy is cuter.

Now I my advice to Katie was to try and hang with Brandon and go as far as kissing to see if she likes him, and if she does then she should go farther, eventually. But she is really sad that she might hurt Ryan because eh si waiting for her and does not want to break his heart. My logic for this is that his heart is already broken because she is not with him now and that he stopped her from truly loving him when he made his douche move, so that si my opinion now I want yours?

Should Katie go for Brandon or just stay without him and not hurt Ryan? Should she go for Ryan? Should she go for neither and win her hundred bucks? Or should she take a different option?

Okay please comment on this it will really help her!

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. In me news it turns out I am WAY shorter than I thought, though I am the tallest in my family. I am 5’7’’. Oh and I lost 2 pounds from the last time I weighed myself so YAY!


  1. You've made a start! Well done, keep it up.

    It's obvious from what you're saying that Katie likes Brandon a whole lot more. That means if she went for Ryan it would be in spite of the fact she liked someone else more, not a good idea.

    Does she want a boyfriend? If so is Brandon the type of guy who will treat her well?

    Without knowing him, it's impossible to say. Katie is the only one who can find the answers to those questions.

  2. awww thank you...haha. I just got back from my cheer banquet...still kinda sad now that cheer season is officially over =( But your post made me smile. I love you!

    Ps: one more thing though...even though im sorta leaning towards Brandon...I lean towards Ryan too. Its iffy. IM sitting on the fence right now. and you win...we have to work on my ALG 2 grade. My AZN parents just teamed up on me and bitched yelled at me. But i zoned them up cuz i have insane skillz like that. Anyways <3 you
    see ya tmmrw


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