Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today and Whycanti16

Short post and like all the other days.
  • Was in the audience for Live with Regis and Kelly, did anyone see me?
  • Saw the Addams Family musical, it was okay
  • Saw the new Glee and it was amazing, Jonathan Groff is amazing
  • Got $100 as a birthday present from my crazy uncle
  • Saw Phantom of the Opera, AMAZING
  • Columbia
  • Fly home
Life Putters and Wanders,

P.S. Whycanti16 told me to tell everyone he is good. He is over band leader, but he is now on to a skater boy why is fucking it up because he was "tempted" by another guy. He wont be able to post for the next month though because of band so that is why I am giving you this update.


  1. When is your birthday, Hansi?

  2. HOLY SHIT Nic! You are alive? Dude Twitter has missed you. Well my birthday is April 16th, so tomorrow!


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