Wednesday, April 28, 2010

T,T,Q,QT,Q oh and my Interview

So today I figured out I have an examination everyday this week.

M: Test-Science Tu:Test-English W:Quiz-Spanish (will get to that in a minute) Th:Quest-History F:Quiz-Math

Yeah there is a reason this week is called hell week.

So today started out with Spanish where I took a quiz and got a 30/38 and that is pretty good because I would have failed if I did not remember the stupid (only because it just sounds stupid) song that made me remember all of the irregular preterits.

Then I had my interview and I was SCARED SHITLESS! I had to go FIRST! Like holy shit that was the most stressful thing I have EVER done…and I did it well apparently. They asked me a bunch of questions that I really just answered straight up, even though I should have connected it to Media Arts, but I did not. So I continued and I eventually started to answer questions better and it got a little easier and then it ended (THANK GOD!)

So I got back to class and started to work on a digital portfolio of what I have done during the year, and I was doing well until one of the other classmates called me over to watch John Stewart do 13 minutes of Glen Beck impersonation, and it was hilarious!

During lunch i was loaned out to an awesome girl who is really cool and sweet as her bitch temporarily and the n when she wanted to use me for something else Kathryn nearly fought her for me because she was going to the office and wanted me to go with her.

So then I had math, where I was called into the office to talk about what summer school classes I want to take at the local community college over the summer break. And after class I went to find Kathryn and she was with Pete, but i did not get to talk to him, but I did with Kathryn (don't worry I did catch a peek at him) (even though i know nothing is ever going to happen EVER), bt I do want to talk to him sometime,but that has yet to happen, if it ever will. So yeah I talked to Kathryn and then I left for home.

So I walked home, watched Glee again, and did my homework. So that is pretty much it. So sorry my posts are really boring but not a lot has happened, but if there is ever anything interesting I will blog about it, but my life is usually boring (yeah I do not have much of a life even though I wish I did, I just wish I and more friends and not people that decide to eventually just ignore me, but I am used to it and this is becoming almost a rant, so yeah will end this HERE)

Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. Hope the week ends on a good note.
    Don't worry about the boredom; my life has been much more boring... However, exciting things are awaiting us.. so hang in there!



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