Monday, April 12, 2010

I Think I Am In Love...

…With New York

God today was so AWESOME, but I don’t have too much time to talk I will just give a short summary of today

· Left New Jersey

· Toured NYU and LOVED it, it is now my first choice

· Saw Promises, Promises and it is a must see with the current cast Sean Hayes, Katie Finneran (who I adore), and the AMAZING Kristen Chenoweth

Now for tomorrow:

· Tour Pace University

· Random New York Stuff

· See either Next to Normal or American Idiot

So Let kme just tell you New York is totally the gayest city on earth, from what I have seen, and the theater gays are FUCKING HAWT!!! Oh and I still need to relieve myself, it has been OMFG 4 days, HOLY SHIT! Anyone know how long it takes for your balls explode from no relief?

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. You all should watch Wonderfalls sometime because it is such a great show, have any of my reader seen it?


  1. Never saw it Hans... you'll have to let me know how it was... I'm glad you're finally having a good time!! Yeah, NYC can be pretty gay and over the top as well... I used to visit the city a few times a year, usually pre- Christmas to do some shopping for interesting gifts and to just bask in the holiday atmosphere, and in the Spring to tour all my favorite museums (MOMA, International Center of Photography, etc.). Now, I basically go into the city to see the Yankees play- been a fan of the team since my little league days and Mickey Mantle... I hope the rest of your stay is as fun as the 1st part!!

    By the way, on the other question/comment- you MUST have a private shower, no? just saying- no need to luv, tman<3

  2. Well I don't take long showers so taking a while in the shower would be odd in my family's eyes, also I HATE jerking off in the shower.


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