Friday, April 2, 2010

I Hate My Life!

So I just fucking hate myself right now. I really am not in a good mood and I made a mistake. My mistake was texting Katie, I mean it started with her responding to a text I sent hours ago. And she responded when I was in a bad mood. While I was talking to her she was being well, stupid, I know that is not the best thing to say but she was; and Katie if you are reading this then you should know I am still in that terrible mood and do not judge me on this.

I feel like I need to get away. I need to not be on the football team. I need to have more time to become what I want to become. I need to be me.

That is not going to happen anytime soon and I know it.

I truly hate my life, although I know it is not the worst, it is the only one I have lived and I hate it!



  1. Hey bud
    Dont let life get you down. Just go with the flow good times will come. I remember how confused I was at your age not feeling needed wanted or understood. Most of what you desire will come in time. So pecker up smile on and fuck what anyone else thinks
    Eddie xxx

  2. Katie: I forgive you and I understand that you're in a bad mood. I was honestly mad at you too at first...but I texted Ryan and he made me feel better so its all good now. I get Katie moments and thats what makes me...Katie. But anywayz. You know ill always have your back and im glad that you consider me a friend =)
    Ill see you tmmrw!

  3. Hans... I think that maybe you're a little too self absorbed... Have you ever considered doing something for someone else?? Ever do any volunteer work?? suggestions- Big brother, Big sister organization/ hospital volunteer/soup kitchen volunteer for homeless, etc...

    There are all kinds of opportunities out there, and the need today is great, especially with the bad economy... There is nothing more self-confirming than being there for a little boy that has no dad and will make you feel like you walk on water, or the look in the eyes of a lonely person who is sick and has noone, or the smiles that you bring to the faces of destitute people, helping to feed their families till they get back on their feet!!

    You are, at the moment, too focused on your own problems to understand their significance to the real world... You need to be out and about, starting to put your mark on the world, as a young man! Only after you realize your potential for good in this world, will you start to feel better about who you are, and then, the rest will come into focus.... Please, kid, give this some thought!! You may not believe it, but the love that you spread today, will come back to you,
    10 fold, tomorrow!! luv, tyman<3

  4. From a grumpy old fart who lives far far away

    You say: "I truly hate my life, although I know it is not the worst, it is the only one I have lived and I hate it!"

    I say: Yes - it IS the only one you have AND YES, you are the only one that can realy make the changes in your thinking to make the changes in your life - that IMPROVE your enjoyment of what you do.

    Peace be with you and may happiness find you every day


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