Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Blog List Blog Post

SO today I was talking on Skype and somehow I eventually got to talking about my blog list and how I it evolved and read more and more blogs. So I figured I should share that with you all.

So I should first give some preliminary information about this matter. Around a year ago I was contemplating whether I was Gay or Bisexual. I first decided I was Bi-leaning toward men. Then I decided I was just gay. So then a few months later I was doing something and found a link to Doug’s blog, and I just loved it, it was just so interesting and just greatly written. Then I moved on to Confessions of a Superstar who I really connected with because he is also a virgin, well was, and he was also a great writer (actually most bloggers are good writers, although I might be an exception, what do you all think?) The third blog that I read was Tyler’s (the Canadian one) and he was the first blogger around my own age also in the closet, and I just connected to his blog, it was so well written and great, but sadly he was pressured or something by others I think and he has privatized his blog :-( ! From there I got hooked on closeted gay/bi teenagers and college guys and that is where my blog obsession came from, which I think is what drove me to start this blog, to inspire others and let them know you are not alone and that we are a community that is here for you!

Now here is a list of the blogs I read in order I have them on my iPod Touch, this may have been rearranged at one time, but it works for what I want to show. All blogs I note here I have read fully from the first post they posted to their current one.

1. Doug’s blog

2. Confessions of a Superstar

3. Tyler’s (the Canadian one)

4. AJ’s Ramblings (Although I have kind of jus skimmed them I am not really interested anymore in his blog)

5. Frat Closet Case ( I will admit I loved his raunchy stories)

6. A Popular Dude’s Secret Life (No idea why I follow his blog, I just do not remember)

7. Gay Mid-Schooler (still surprised he was in middle school when he came out)

8. My Gay Teen Life-Love, Boys, and More! (I love that eh is a theater geek and he is a great writer one of my favorite blogs)

9. Coming Out (One The Internet) (I miss this blog, I hope he is doing well, his blog was so good)

10. Benny

11. scream bloody murder (I miss his blog, where did you go Arodomon if you are reading this?)

12. Thoughts of a gay teen

13. Halfway out : a gay teenager

14. Confused yet Honest (Awesome blogger, awesome person, I wish him luck when he graduates and when he gets to see is boyfriend)

15. Secrets of an All American

16. Peter's Blog (he is cute, although he does not believe he is)

17. Getting it off my chest (Nic is soo awesome and so nice (and REALLY CUTE (Dominik do not kill me please, you are way cuter than him, at times)))

18. A twisted faith•

19. That Boy's Ramblings

20. Tick, Tick, Boom!

21. Carwin's Closet (This one is probably my favorite blog I have read, he is so honest, smart, cute, cool, and just an all around great guy, if you have not read his blog I STRONGLY urge you too, it is the best I have read and I truly think Jason is an amazing person!)

So for those that do not see their blog on here that is becaue

1. I did not read it early enough to be using my iTouch to read your blog

2. Or I have notread through your blog completely (but this I ONLY one blogger, the other was a faker and written by a 40-year old)

Life Putters and Wanders,


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