Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Awakening

I would like to start this post by thanking all of the people that have followed my blog, linked to my blog, commented on my blog, and have read it.

Okay so yesterday Billy figured out where I got my name from, the answer was Spring Awakening, and he asked me why I chose those three characters. Before I get to that I just want to establish that I adhere to the stereotype that gay people love musicals because I fucking LOVE musicals. My favorite music and lyricist is Stephen Sondheim, but my favorite musical is Spring Awakening.

I really love Spring Awakening because it spoke to me. I guess I should really say what the musical is about; it is about these three teens in late 1800s Germany who are all learning about sex. Wendla Bergman is a fourteen year old girl who wants to learn about how a woman becomes pregnant. Moritz Stiefel is student who is slipping in his grades because he become haunted by a woman’s legs in blue-stockings. Finally there is Melchior Gabor who knows all about sex and it has made an atheist out of him.

The reason I chose Gabor for my last name is because Melchior is not just such a great character, but he also reminds me of myself. This is because when I was in middle school I felt that I knew a lot more about sex than anyone else in my grade and that I read a lot of literature that was for way more adult people than me. Also because really hot people play him, i.e. Jonathan Groff and Hunter Parrish.

I chose Moritz as my middle name because Moritz is what I envision as my worst fear. Later in the play he gets expelled from school because of his bad grades, and other things, but I extremely fear of such a thing happening to me. Damn I have a lot more I want to say about him, but I don’t want to ruin the show for anyone planning on seeing it.

Before I go into why I chose Hanschen I want to introduce the character. Hanschen is a student that goes to Melchior’s school, is gay, and, I personally think, just as smart as Melchior if not more; in one of the greatest scenes in the play, Hanschen seduces Ernst, a fellow classmate, I recommend watching this scene, it will not ruin the play because it almost has nothing to do with the plot of the play. So I really chose Hanschen as my first name because he is extremely smart, especially in how the world truly works, well depicted, and gives the quotes that I can truly connect to, the title of my last post id one of his lines.


Last night I gave a friend of mine that I am gay. Okay so last night I was talking to my friend who was having some boy troubles and she asked me if there were any problems I had, so I told her that I do, but that I am gonna tell her in about a year-and-a-half at the end of her Senior year. So she was like, WTF are you DYING? Well I guess I was lucky she guessed that wrong, or else I would have nothing to tell her next year.

Okay here is a hot guy!

I wonder where all those lines lead!?!

WOW I spoiled you all! Well I guess that is it, TTYL ;)


  1. im sorry i have to tell you this but you have bad tast in me. they are all really ugly... great post though!

  2. Thanks for the great explanation about your name. That's all I wanted. It makes me really want to see the show. I see they're talking about a movie, I'm not sure I trust Hollywood with a story like that.

  3. @arodomon Sorry we don't share the same taste in men, but I am guessing you meant that at Jonathan Groff, who I agree us not extremely hot, that was mainly at Hunter Parrish, and thank you :)

    @Billy You are welcome. You should defiantly see the show. Yeah I have been researching the movie and I actually think it is a really good idea because even if they butcher it, which will not happen, it will give an easily accessible home version and would probably increase its popularity.


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