Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Okay so school was cool today, learned a lot about Hitler and weight lifted and blah blah blah…okay now to the fun stuff! Okay so the girl who know I am gay has just played matchmaker and found me this really hot senior who is gay, and apparently interested in me (the last part is according to my friend)! Okay let me go through this, first, OMG, a Senior who might like me. Second, a HOT senior who might be interested in me. Third a hot GAY senior who might be interested in me!

On another point this guy that was around when my friend asked me if I was gay, now knows that I am but it is okay because I know him and I don’t think he will tell anyone, and also he likes the friend that asked me, so I think she will make sure he tells no one.

So here is a pic, not one of the best, but still cute:

Am I the only one that thinks he looks like Freddie from Series 3 and 4 of Skins

P.S. E-mail me and comment (FYI I am officially a comment whore)

P.P.S. Since it is my one week anniversary I want you all to ask me questions and I will answer them all in a post!

P.P.P.S. Its raining, OMG I love the rain!


  1. OMG I love it when i get comments too!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  2. Ya who doesn't it makes you totally feel connected to the blogger community! Oh thank you SO much and I think your blog is WAY better than mine! Readers if you are reading this read whycanti16's blog, it is such a great read!

  3. haha so modest! good luck with the senior, or the hot senior, or the hot GAY senior!

    as for hot guy of the day, he kinda looks like freddie, but maxie will always have my heartface...

  4. First comment from me on your blog, hooray!

    Now to the serious part. I'd be careful with this senior fella, sometimes guys are just looking for a piece of ass. If that's all you're interested in then whoo! but just a caution.

    P.S. So am I

    P.P.S. Why did you decide to start blogging/what blog did you first read?


  5. @Waffles Thanks ya I think he is pretty cool!Hell ya oh course Maxxie was So the hottest and best ale character on Skins (the best going to Cassie), but Freddie is the hottest of the past two series!

    @whycanti16 You are SOOOOO welcome, I truly believe it!

    @Rhythym Changes Yay thanks for the comment! Ya I know in my next post I am gonna talk about the who Senior thing!

    P.S. Who isn't, it makes you feel connected to teh gay blogger community

    P.P.S. Since no one else asked me any questions I will answer this one now, for the first part, I recommend reading my blog post of titled Plys and Why. For the second part, the first blog I read was Right Time and Place, it is just such a good blog, too bad he has stopped being a consistent poster!



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