Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I really do not have a lot of things to say because not much happened today, but I will tell the juicy stuff. Okay so I confronted the other guy that knows I am gay and told him to not tell anyone, and I guess it is good I am on his really good side because he was like, “It is none of my business, and it is not like I have a long standing grudge against you, so I have no reason to tell anyone”. SO I guess I should keep on his good side.

Now about the hot gay senior, my friend made me meet him for like 5 seconds, but he is really cute. BUT I have decided that I am going to take it slow because I mean in the past three days I came out to my friend and she is already trying to hook me up with guys, so I am just going to take it slow and ease into have a few more people know about me. Oh but I have decided to try and become his friend because having a gay friend will make life a little easier, so I will see how that goes; oh ya I think my friend said, okay screw it I am going to give her a name ummmmmm (wow I did like ten cycles of hold m and then hold back space, but I now have a name for her) Katie, okay so Katie told me that he wanted to give me his number, wait it might have been that Katie asked if she could give me his number, either way I am getting his number. That is once she remembers that she was supposed to give me his number because of course she forgot lol.

Oh and in honor of my one week anniversary blogging I want people to ask me what ever questions they want, no matter how dirty, nasty, sick, erotic, or crazy they are, I will answer them all! Now to watch some Nip/Tuck, OMG I just got the first 4 seasons for only $65 because I am AWESOME!

Damn it I really need I line to end my posts on (if you can made me one I will reward with 300 awesome points, or something)


P.S. Shit I nearly forgot to put a cute guy pic up

P.P.S. I know it is not the best, but do you know how hard I get while looking for those pictures it is too find good pictures that are not just porn!


  1. carte blanche? le fun!

    i got nothing...

    hmmmmmm, what's your power animal?
    no wait...
    if your life were a film, what style/genre of film would it be?

  2. Glad you have someone that might actually give a damn about your feelings! I FUCKING HATE HIM SOOOO MUCH UGH HOW THE HELL DID I MISS THAT HE WS USING ME!! UGH!!


  3. @Earl Grey Sorry I dont speak French and I will answer ur questions in my next post

    @whycanti16 Dude I am sure you do too, and I actually have no idea whether he actually likes me or I him, I know what Nate did to you was something only a person that really does not care about your feelings, or is reallllllllly getting off on the idea of hiving you head on school property with a lot of other people around. I really don't think that he was using you because he did not want to make you give him a BJ, but I understand that it was extremely insensitive of him to do that to you, but you also have to be careful because he could EASILY out you to the entire school now, but he wont if he regrets doing that to you. If you EVER need to talk PLEASE AIM me at lrtackle15, PLEASE. DONT YOU EVEN RESORT TO THINKING ABOUT COMMITTING SUICIDE IT IS NOT EVER WORTH IT AND WILL ONLY PROBABLY LEAD NATE TO THINKING ABOUT IT ALSO FROM THE PILES OF GUILT THAT WOULD BE RACKED ONTO WHAT HE MUST ALREADY BE FEELING, it does not matter whether you like him or not, do not be the reason someone else commits suicide even if you have already.

    Hanschen MORITZ Gabor

  4. ......I loved him......hear come the waterworks.

  5. meh. welcome to life once you tell someone. Girl friends like to try and hook ya up with another guy everytime they can. it gets annoying and is kinda creepy.... lmao :)

    @whycanti16 hunny, love is fleeting. you will move on or it will get better. Just think of it this way, next time you will break someones heart

    welll maybe thats not good advice, but it tends to be what happens. dont waste your time crying....

    back to what i was saying....
    well. whatever bedtime its 1:20 am and i got school.;... shit.

  6. @whycanti16 Yes and he really, REALLY wanted to pleasure you, so I think he loved you also, but he really got off on the idea of making you cum in a public area where you could easily be caught. I think he also truly liked you but he was being a guy that only has a mind for being naughty, I know you made the correct choice and that he WILL try and reconcile with you by saying what an asshole he was and that he is extremely sorry he pressured you, but until then you are going to have to live with the sadness until then

    @Euphoria Ya I know I mean it was even the first day I told her she stared talking to the first gay guy she knew to try and get me a date, I mean WTF, I just came out to her and she already thinks I am ready to find a guy to be in a relationship with, but it has only been a few days. I hope you have fun at school.

  7. I am glad you're gonna become friends with that senior guy!
    Best of luck!!!

  8. LMAO ~ P.P.S. I know it is not the best, but do you know how hard I get while looking for those pictures it is too find good pictures that are not just porn!

    I can't do the (strike out) here because blogspot won't allow that HTML here.

    That's cool how u did that in ur sentence! XD

  9. Thanks Andy, ya I am telling the truth though, hell you must know what I mean you have pure picture posts LOL!

  10. Haha, you are a funny guy! I have been glancing over blog posts, and have allot of them!! I am impressed, sorta grossed out,(haha you don't write for children...ahaha)and intrigued. I am a very...loud person, and stress probably way too much, and you seem like a chill guy. I hope that you have a great day, you seem like the kind of gut that deserves them.
    (and as for question(s))
    1. Facial hair, or no??? (on a guy)
    2. Wicked, or Rent???
    3. Favorite movie???


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