Friday, February 19, 2010

Plys and Why

So I did not have a very exciting day, but I am happy because both the female and male curling teams won their games today. I also found out that there is an actual hottie on the men's team,but they have just been hiding him on the bench the whole time and his name is Chris Plys (picture above). He was a little nervous because it was his first time playing in the Olympics, but he did well:)

I guess I should talk about why I decided to blog. I really decided to blog because I started to read these blogs about gay men living their lives, then I decided to look for more blogs and found some about the high school students who are in the closet and some of their experiences started to resonating with me and how I have to not truly be myself. At times I really have to censor what I say because it would be kind of a little obvious that I might be gay, and I have no intention of coming out publicly in my HS because it would really fuck up the last 2 years of football I have left. So this blog is really just a place to put up what I actually have to say without censoring myself; I that is the complete reason I started, to be my true self.

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