Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Football and a bit about my HS

Okay so I have 20 minutes until LOST, so I thought I would go into my football career. So I am an offensive tackle on my high school football team, this current year I started on the offensive line for the entire season and was only taken off when we decided to put the freshman in to get experience (which they needed). So I like football but I do not plan on perusing it as a career, but I love that it gives me a good reason to work out and lift weights.

As one will expect there is a lot of homophobic comments around my football team, but I actually don’t really care about them although sometimes I can get a little, or A LOT, when they say the f-word around me, but I really cannot act offended or I will probably be made fun of, but they really don’t go too far because we are like a brotherhood, or fraternity. But one thing that is weird about my school is that we really are not like most high schools because we are an extremely education oriented school, like private schools seem to get a lower college acceptance than we do, i.e. for 3 consecutive years we had 6 students get accepted into Stanford.


  1. so is that name from inglourious basterds? cause its sound like it is.
    if u ever need someone to talk to just hit me up at doggwloves@yahoo.com

  2. Nope, but all of the names are German in origin. And thank you.


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