Saturday, February 27, 2010

Black and White; Sad and Happy

Okay I don't feel like posting too much so I am just going to summarize today.
7:45 Woke up and watched Futurama
8:25 Went downstairs and ate breakfast with the family
10:00 Drove my dad to car repair so he could pick up his car
10:35-11:30 Went food shopping had slight mental breakdown for about an hour of it (I kind of felt like I expect the guy in this picture to be feeling), but thank god I am a good therapist and for mango smoothies
12:05-(HOLY SHIT)5:40 Talked with whycanti16151 for along time, it was kind of awesome! Oh and watched Jennifer's Body and V for Vendetta during that time as well!
5:45-Now Made burgers and watched the AWESOME Syracuse game!
Here is a treat, two, count them TWO, cute boys!


  1. haha you ever thought about being an admin assistant? you keep concise minutes!

    why the blogapathy?

  2. Hey. I envy you being able to drive D= NY laws are terrible. Sounds like a fun day though


  3. That was fun! We'll do it again some time. BTW Nate didn't answer my call so i didn't call again......the bastard.

  4. @Earl Grey Dude just so you know I made up most of those times. I have no idea what blogapathy is.

    @Euphoria Thanks, ya driving is fun until your parents yell at yo for every slight mistake you make! You live in NY, nice NY is awesome!

    @whycanti16 That bastard, but it is probably a good thing though, okay ttyl ;)

  5. You really did a lot this day and I'm happy that even you are kinda lazy posting your thoughts, you still make it a point to post the things that you want to say. And I can see also that you love your dad you even drove him to the car repair shop. As for me, Because my car's busted, I'm gonna have to buy a new one at some buy here pay here dealers (Indianapolis area) which offers affordable and great quality used cars.


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