Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anniversary, Flowers, and Bananas

Okay so I thought today was going to be boring; well I was kind of wrong. Today started with me watching some curling; something weird about these Olympics are that I am way more interested in the women's categories compared to the men. One reason might be that almost all of the guy are not attractive (especially the men's curling team, who really fails), except for most of the European skiers and ice-skaters.

So then my dad starts to talk about me doing something for my parent's 20th anniversary, which is coming up, but apparently it is today, so I was like: "Crap I need to get them a card!"But the best part was that my dad wasn't even ready had not bought flowers or a card for his wife, so he and I went to Safeway to get some "Daylilies" and "China Doll Roses". Now I have absolutely no idea why my father would think that Safeway would even have any of these flowers that I have never heard of and why he did not just go to a florist first, but at least it gave me a chance to get them a card and a balloon saying "Happy Anniversary" so that was good, but still.

Then we went to an actual florist and asked about the flowers, but he had absolutely no idea what those are and probably had never heard of them. I actually just looked them up and apparently they are real, so my guess is that the guy at the flower shop was the husband or boyfriend of the florist or this guy is just a terrible florist. The good news is that I now know not to waste my time at that florist if I ever need flowers.

Finally, my dad and I went to this grocery store called Gene's Market which has a lot of fresh produce and a giant meat and fish section, but somehow they have a tiny flower section so my dad got a bunch that look like the two in the beginning. But the weird thing is that their sign for bananas calls them, and I quote, "Sweet and Creamy". So since when did bananas become like milkshakes, or, in some cases, cum because I have never thought of the banana as a fruit the closest to cream or jizz, what do you guys think?

Okay so I am happy because Syracuse just one a basketball game and I have a new episode of Skins I can watch, so I am gonna do that. TTYL

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  1. u know i knew there was something fishy about bananas... i think it mite b cum

  2. Ya I guess so, but I have always thought it was shaped like a penis, but now that I is pretty much cum, I can officially say that the banana is the sluttiest fruit EVER!


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