Friday, February 26, 2010


Not a lot happened today, but I might as well describe my day and then talk about Pete. Okay so today was a good day at school, it started with Spanish where we pretty much made fun of the teacher the whole time, but he really encourages it. Then I went to work on this project for my history class where we have to present a topic and have a radio show, so I volunteered to do the radio show and went to work on the script. The only problem I had was that Katie has been having a lot of boy trouble, but the boy decided to talk to me to ask my advice on what he should tell Katie when she was going to tell him she liked him. The extremely weird part about it all is that he seemed to REALLY like Katie, but he could always have been, as Katie would say, “whoring her out”, so ya that got in the way of me working on my project.

My final period was math class, so I learned I did bad on the last test we took (no surprise, it was the HARDEST test EVER), but the best thing that happened was that when we started class my teacher decided to show us this awesome storming coming near us within the period because she LOVES the rain, so halfway through the lesson she looks outside and gasps loudly! The whole class was like WTF and we all looked outside and it is down pouring extremely hard, so LOL!

I am just going to summarize the rest, I went to weightlifting, got sore, went home, found an email with a bunch of awesome photos thanks to gboi7, watched some Nip/Tuck, then had dinner.

Now on to Pete, so not a lot happened, but what did makes me pissed at myself. So I talked to him over texts last night, it lasted for about 3 hours. And you wanna know what we talked about, nothing, absolutely NOTHING! The real thing is that it si all my fault, like he tried to lead on the covo at times, but I never actually followed, mainly because I did not think it would lead to talking about something I really wanted to talk about, being gay. That was the one thing I really felt like talking to him about, I mean it was good to get to know him, but I got nothing about his personality based on the conversation, just so you all know I HATE having important, or any conversation with a person I do not know, over a text message when I could easily talk to the person face-to-face, I really get nothing from it except information. I really want to talk to hi about it, so I might have Katie get it so that the three of us are in the same place at the same time, so I can talk to him face-to-face.

Okay, that is pretty much it, I want to thank all of my followers and avid readers, and of course, commenters!

Ya I know they are naked, but since nothing is shown, I deem it as not being porn.

To end this post I am going to answer some questions asked by Earl Grey in an earlier post. Oh and the whole question thing is going on, so PLEASE ask questions I really want to answer them!

What's your power animal? I have no idea what that is, but for me I guess it will be a dog.

If your life were a film, what style/genre of film would it be? UMMM musical or film noir.

Okay, damn I still need a good line to end on,



  1. how pedestrian :P

    it's a shame that you didn't really make much progress w/ pete, give it time, and if you need to i'm sure you can find someone to talk to about being gay, or did you specifically want to talk about it w/ him?

  2. LOL ya
    I specifically want to speak with him because he goes to the same school as me and I can get good advice from him.


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