Monday, February 22, 2010


Hello, so I am hella sore because I just got back from weightlifting for football! Okay I just wanna plug this new blog it is quite witty, at least I think it is, so ya!

Wow I really do not have too much to post about, except that I just came out to my friend! So she is the one that I hinted to about it on Saturday, but the funny part is that she had to talk to her friend to figure it out LOL! Okay one thing I found really funny is that she had absolutely no inclination that I am gay, so I guess I am good at faking straight. The one problem that I have is that she is kind of LOUD, so I am really having to try and make her lower her voice so she doesn’t just shout it out to the entire school! But I do like being honest to her, but DAMN now I don’t have a secret to tell her, unless I get a boyfriend and hide it from her till that day! Oh so something really funny is that she wants to take me to San Fran to go clubbing, and not the normal club, if you get what I mean ;)

Okay here is the daily hot pic!

Damn I need line to end my post on,


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  1. the pic u put up today is your best one yet but i think you can find hotter. its great that you found someone to tell your secret to, just keep her close.


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