Friday, July 30, 2010

Well I Am Now Out To Another Person!

Well I just got motivated!

So life has been good lately. Football is going well. Internship is still fun, though boring at times. I actually am getting a life lmao! I am sadly sick, but whatever I will get over it quickly I hope!

But none of those topics are my motivation for blogging today. My motivation has sprung from and unlikely occurrence that happened last night.

So 10 O’clock last night I was watching Nip/Tuck because every season has not been put on Netflix Instant Streaming. As I was watching the first episode of the final season, I got a phone call from Nick asking if I want to go and hang with him and Mark at Mark’s house. So I was like, “Hell yeah!” and got dressed and ready to go, but knew I had to ask the parents. I first ask my dad who was fixing the old microwave we have that was broken…wait breaking new, it broke again! So I ask him and he says the usual, “Go ask your mother.” I then head to my parent’s room where my mother is in her recliner on her computer watching some reality show (I think). I ask her if I can go and she give3s me a, “It is your choice; I don’t think you should, but it is your choice”. (I knew I would get that answer) I slowly start to leave when she says how I am lucky because the parents would not have let my sister go at this time and she decided to give me a 12 o’clock curfew. I then continue to slowly leave the room when she says she really thinks I should not go because I am sick and should not be (possibly) contaminating/infecting others. I then go to the kitchen to get the keys, again slowly, when my mom walks and talks with dad about the idea and finally they decide I am not going to go because I am sick.

You all have no idea how happy I was when they FINALLY said “No!” I mean not only was I asking for it by how slow I was leaving the rooms/house, but I just really wanted a definitive answer. I truly love when my parents actually make parental definitive decisions because that like NEVER happens! I then pout back the car keys and head back up stairs and start watching the rest of the Nip/Tuck episode.

When the episode was over I decided to check my Gmail and saw I had one new connection request on the GYC. The guy was cute and I hope he messages me since he lives right next to me lol. But while accepting the connection I saw I just received a new message. So I go and click on the icon hoping it was the cutie I just accepted giving a hello message, but nope. I was in for a surprise.

The first thing I see is the profile pic and the guy looks cute, so I click on it and look at his profile and I look at the picture in a larger frame and the guy looks a little familiar. I then hop back to the page with the message and read it, the message reads:

Hey... surprising to see you on here. Yeah, kinda cool to know that there are other gay people @ [name of my high school]

My response to the message to the guy was:

Yeah lol. [name of person that looks similar to the guy] is that you?

My actual response (that I posted on Twitter) was this:

UMMM UMMM UMMMMM!!!!!! FUCK maybe or not IDK! Someone from my school just found me on the GYC!

SHIT!!! That mean he just found my blog!!!!!!!!

Yeah I was definitely freaking out. To calm myself down I go and watch some more Nip/Tuck and fall asleep amazingly.

When I wake up it is 7:35 and I instantly go and check the GYC and see I have a message and it is him telling me I am correct and that we should talk on AIM. We then talk for like 3 second when he has to leave to go hiking, so he gives me his cell phone number to text. We exchange 3-5 texts before we stop. Since it was the morning I was neither nervous nor scared, I was just like, “Holy fuck is my phlegm yellow AND brown!”

I then looked at Twitter and say Nic asked if I wanted to talk, so I got on Skype and we did, but it was with Lunty and VBoy (SMEXY) joining in lol. After a while Nic had to go for a bit and the convo kind of lulled.

I then decided to go and take some more Sudafed and make some food. After a bit of decision making I decided on pancakes. Not regular pancakes though, banana-macadamia-nut-blueberry-chocolate-chip pancakes. I made a regular recipe and was able to get 8 pancakes out of that. I ate 3 for breakfast with sugar-free syrup and they were delicious, though a little burnt sadly!

After breakfast I went back up stairs and talked on the convo for a bit more. In the middle I decided to watch “Dead Snow” a foreign film about Nazi Zombies, it was okay, good for not paying much attention though! While watching the movie, Shaun decided that he now hates me because I am weird and is no longer going to talk to me. At 1 I decided I was hungry again and decided to make some food. After a 30 minute search I figured out what to make. I made Spaghetti with turkey tomato sauce. It was delicious! Yeah I think I can cook lol, but I mean I was just in the mood for cooking today hahaha.

When I was done eating the delicious food I prepared, the Skype convo ended and I decided to watch a Lisa Lampanelli special that was On Demand. I loved it! Lisa is so offensive in the most perfect way that just makes it too damn funny! Oh and I love her gay jokes! They are too damn funny and kind of correct at times lmao.

I then went upstairs when that was over to watch some more Nip/Tuck. In the middle of an episode I got a call from the dude asking if we could meet at a Starbucks or something to chat. I told him I could not because I am sick, but that I probably could tomorrow. So I think we are going to meet tomorrow and talk about being gay and everything. So yeah please try and keep me up to blogging about it, PLEASE?!?

I was soon called down to help the parents with something and I fed the dogs. We then had sushi for dinner. After dinner we watched “Whip It” which is such an awesome movie. When that ended I went back to my room and watched some more Nip/Tuck and set up a Dropbox for Oliver so he can easily get his Queer as Folk fix!

Well I am going to say that is enough for tonight so:

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. so... I'm really glad for you! and Hope you guys can become friends and get closer.
    Yay you're getting a life! ;) lmao


  2. Hey, glad to hear everythings going well. Sorry to hear that you're sick though, I just got over a cold myself. Hope you get better soon!

    And PS: I really want a batch of those pancakes now. They sound so devilishly good!!!

  3. wait so who is this GYC guy from ur school? is he one of your friends or just some random guy u know?

  4. How in the HELL can you burn pancakes?! When i was 8 my mom and dad got divoriced, i learned how to cook. I learned or i went hungry. I can cook alot of things, but nothing to fancy.

  5. reading your blog reminds me of my teenage years and how i dealt with issues regarding my sexual preference. yet, i wasn't definitely not as open as u. maybe because i was raised in a conservative Asian society.and it also reminds me how old i've gotten.

    hope u'll get closer to the cute guy. =D


  6. sorry. typo. i mean i was definitely not as open as u.

  7. go for it! maybe the cute guy might have a thing for you!


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