Thursday, July 22, 2010

Got Motivated!

Hey everyone! Please try and make me blog every night! You know I want to; I just want people to motivate me to!

So today is a nice one to talk about because well it summarized everything that happened over the past few days!

Today I woke up at 8 or so and decided to start to get ready for meeting Rik and the dentist. So I went and got some laundry ready (including my black with teal striped v-neck) and put them in the washing machine. I then went up stairs and showered…which reminds me I need to get more body wash! I then went back downstairs with my toothbrush and the black skinny Pride-jeans. I printed out directions to every where I am going while down there. I also brushed my teeth so they looked freshly clean for the dentist. At 10 the laundry was done and I left the house.

I got there a few minutes early and waited a while to get seated. But I was at least entertained by some fish in a nice aquarium. There was this one that was really interesting; it bullied others and had this like seas anemone type thing that he would roll it; I was really interested in him! I was then called in at around 10:55 and I had a panoramic x-ray, which was my first. It was odd, but nice and much easier than usual x-rays. This weird panel thing went around my head and scanned my teeth; it was cool though! I was then taken to my chair and I waited for a while to actually get an assistant to clean my teeth and when she was about to start, she stopped. I then waited a bit more and my dentist came and did all the plaque stuff and everything. He then told me my teeth were good; no cavities, but I have to get my wisdom teeth removed :-(!!

From there I left for Rik’s house. It was complete fail! I went too far on the first try and then went on the wrong road the second lol, but I did get there at like 12:07 and I parked and he came out of his house. He looked way different than I thought, but he did say we looked like crap (he kind of did, I think he should have at least shaved!) So we walk to a park and I am just awkward and shy! (I just am I really am!) So we talked (he talked; I said “yeah” a lot) and it was just okay. I don’t know, I was just too awkward in my opinion, but I was quite clumsy as I usually am lol. At 1 I left gladly and left for my internship.

So I get there and I am instantly put up to help with everything because we had this guitarist from Sacramento come down and record here. So I start by getting the guy’s set list, then I check the mics, then I help with the Character Gen so we have good opening titles, then I m put on the board and we start to record. While I was working down in the studio these two new cute Asian guys were on two of the three cameras. I think I will talk about what we did yesterday now because I found it interesting and I mean hell it is what I want to blog about!

So yesterday we had a singer and his 4 back up dancers come in. So the guy’s name was Xavier and he was clearly gay (I think, lol) and his one male back up dancer, Karl, was also extremely gay (again from what I can tell). Karl was wearing a nice graphic tee, some shorts (I forget), had weird hair cut for his blond hair, and wore a these Dorothy suspender straps! I am sorry but I am guilty of laughing a bit. Xavier also wore a very pink leather (IDK) jacket. So the two new Asians were behind me and they were talking about the guys (gays) and were saying like they are hot and stuff like that. I thought they were gay and out! I was so happy! So I started to loosen up to see if they had enough gaydar to notice me and maybe talk to me!

So yeah we recorded Xavier and his dancers and it was actually okay, I liked his music! The dancing was also okayish, but still it was good! I was on audio the whole time. And yeah that is what happened yesterday pretty much. The only other thing is that we recorded two takes of it and yeah. WAIT!!!! Okay so one thing I forgot to say. So I talked to Mark after the internship about them and asked if there are gay. He said, “Wow no! There are totally homophobic!” Yeah I think I am really bad a reading sarcasm, but then again I was not looking at them when they said what they said, so who knows?

So back to today, I just really think the two Asians are so cute. One is like just the perfect type of hunky and seems nice. The other is also nice and has small, stud earrings that actually work well on him! So yeah I just am going to still be a little gayer than normal and see what happens incase Mark was wrong.

So I was on audio for the guitarist, but in the middle Dave asked me to go and work on the other computer in the editing bay to marks and crate chapters for the Xavier performance and chooses which take was better. So I had to re-watch it all again, it was not as funny on video this time and it was before lol, but still it was cool because I think I am getting better at Final Cut, which will really help me next year in Film because I am so going to need to start becoming better at Final Cut! When the guitarist was done and I finished my editing, we were asked to do movie reviews. Mark and I were chosen to give a review of Inception. Yes I saw it on Saturday with him and Nick. We saw it in D-Box seats (Google them!) and I have to say it was one of the best movie experiences I have ever had and the movie was just so amazing. I gave it a 9.5 of 10 because there were a few slight flaws in my opinion, but I mean they just have to be noticed in a review and score of the movie. I thing the movie definitely needs some Oscar nods though! After those interviews internship was over and I went home.

When I got home I felt like cooking for some reason, but my sister took the car so I had to wait for her to get back to go out to the store and buy the food I needed. I got what I needed and ran into three school peeps and then went home. I did all the chopping and stirring and stuff of what I made and in the end I had a nice delicious Picadillo. It was good!

After that I watched SYTYCD and I am now blogging, yay!

Now time for a challenge post (only 1)!

Challenge Day 14 – Someone You’ve Drifted Away From

Dear Jason,

Hey Jason! I am sorry I have stopped talking to you. I don’t know why, but I just started to think we are too different, but it would be cool to hang again! Who knows? Talk to you again hopefully!


Life Putters and Wanders,

Robert BP


  1. So was this the first time you actually met Rik? Im guessing so since you said he looked different. I've missed a few of ur last posts tho- so im not sure. No need to be shy buddy-- you're a good guy. And you have a lot of personality on clearly its just a little self-confidence and not some major brain problem or anything. Of course, I don't follow my own advice either so... :-)

    Your internship sounds really cool. And I would bet money that they are gay and he was just being sarcastic :-)

    Inception: I thought this was one of the best, if not the best, movies I've ever seen. I agree with you about the "experience" being overwhelming and mind-blowingly good. Its just everything I want out of a movie. But I'm curious what were the flaws you mention?

    Much Love,

  2. Robert, just because Rik didn't look like you had anticipated, he is still the same guy. If you see him again, it won't be as awkward as the first time.

  3. Do u really need to be motivated becuse u seem to be doing well on your own


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