Friday, July 16, 2010

Back! Now Keep Me Motivated!

Hello format for my blog Word Document! It has been a while! I would like to say sorry for not using you lately because I really have had stuff to write about, but I just never let myself so that. I really hope you can forgive me and push me to continue using you because you know I love using you to blog, you know it just made my day have an ending that was much needed!

So yeaH I AM BACK AND GOING TO TRY TO BLOG AGAIN EVERYDAY! (Sorry caps lock, but hey I don’t feel like correcting it and that sentence deserves some emotion) I really want help staying motivated for the next few days so I post because I really want to!

So I think I should end my Pride story, but I want to end it quickly so here we go!

I got on a BART 8:40, it was full of gays with one really cute couple in front of me, they just looked amazing. As I rode I got steadily more and more depressed over not meeting Rik. I nearly cried like 4 times, and cried twice (a few tears each cry). The first person I texted was Erik because he is always there for me! So I text him and the convo goes down quickly and I am still really down. Then, as a turn of events, out of the blue, CJ texts me! (I love texting CJ, especially when he is not in his self-centered, spoiled moods, sorry CJ but you are, it is good Kathryn is like that or it would be hard to talk to you, but I do love talking to you and I am so happy about what has happened to you while in DC!) So we talk and he helps me….oh and before I forget, the Tobolowsky Files also really helped, I love the podcast so much! he helps by really making me see I have a crush on Rik, but the thing is it isn’t a crush. I am now 99% sure I was just so disappointed to NOT meet him that I misinterpreted my sadness for love and then blah blah blah, lol. So I am talking to CJ when Rik texts me, and of course I lie a bit (about how sad I am) and we just text and I cry one of the times here.

I finally get to my BART station after transferring where I looked at a cute gay (1/2 of the couple, they are not a couple I guess lol (but they sure kissed like one)). So I go out to the parking lot and cannot find my car! I freak out and call the number they have posted everywhere in case your car is towed (I thought my car was towed). I get no answer so I go to the desk and I am then told that I may be on the wrong side. I am freaking out still, but I go through to the right side and yup there is my car! I was so relieved and happy!

I then drove home and CJ asked me to tell him a story, so I did while I was walking the dogs. I was really tired after that so I went to bed and slept.

Now for the aftermath:

So if you remember I went t searching all over for a Wells Fargo and finally found one. Well my parents found the transaction online lol. So they asked why I was in SF and how I got there. I told them versions of the truth. The whole truth on how I got there and a partial truth for what I did while there. They were unhappy I did it but are not punishing me because I did a good job taking care of everything while they were gone. As a reward (WTF) they are paying for me to see Kathy Griffin and (possibly) Young Frankenstein, but IDK.

Okay think I will dedicate the rest of this post to doing a few challenge days and then I will resume my usual everyday blogging tomorrow and talk about my day (finally!)

AND I fell asleep lol, sorry everyone!

Now for the challenges, I think I will do three today to start catching up!

Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to -- I have no idea who too right this to!

Dear Brittney Murphey

I miss you too damn much! I loved all of your movies and I really am just so sad you could not have done more and you died too early! I also cannot believe how little press coverage you received when you died; I know you were one of many celebrities that die at that time, but hell yours was one of the more shocking ones! I miss you so much!


Day 12 — the person you hate most/caused you a lot of painanother hard one!

Dear (I really cannot think of anyone right now!) person that I will meet eventually,

I really hope I hate you for reasons that are neither selfish nor egotistical. I hope that I can get over hating you, but I have no idea what you will do so we will see.


Day 13 — someone you wish could forgive youI am just getting blanks constantly!

Dear person in the future,

I am very sorry for what I have done, unless I truly meant it and you took it the wrong way. I don’t know what I did yet, but I am sure I can sure I can apologize for it in some way! I hope you will forgive me!


Life Putters and Wanders,


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