Monday, July 5, 2010


Well I want to start off this post by saying I am sorry I have not been posting lately. I have just not been given the time, kind of lol. So these next few posts are going to be the rest of my Pride story and the challenge posts that I have yet to do.

So I had just got off the BART at Embarcadero because that was one of the places Rik told me to get off if I wanted to. I then go looking for a Wells Fargo because I really needed some money. It took me around like ten minutes to find one even though there were banks everywhere lol. Then decided to go to a Starbucks and get a drink while checking Twitter and stuff. I go there and get a Chai iced latte I think, lol it was a week ago, how would I remember such a minute detail? I then go and try to get Twitter and stuff and the Wi-Fi isn’t working :-(! Apparently when I upgraded to iOS4, it forgot the AT&T log in! So when I got a text from Rik saying to go to the Civic Center I was fucked. I had no idea where or how to get there!

I then decided to and follow the big street where the parade clearly went through. I follow it and its progressively getting dirtier and more and more beer cups and bottles are on the ground. I then look far ahead and see what looks like a giant crowd. So I keep going and keep going until I am in the center of a giant crowd. Everyone is going through these gates so I go in and there were booths everywhere and people dressed up (down?) it were crazy. Oh I also saw my first naked penis in real life, it was disgusting! It was the penis of a really fat, hairy, 60 year old, yah never wants to become or see that again!

I then continued to walk around and started to suffocate in the crowd. I had no idea where I was, but I now know I was at the civic Center where Rik was. He actually texted me asking where I was and I said so. He then texted back he was in the same place. I texted "Lets meet now"; it never sent! I was really tired of waiting for him where I was; I was still suffocating, so I decided to go and buy water from Pete’s and come back. He still had not texted me and was not at the corner, so I remembered Kevin, another friend form the GYC who said he would be at Pride.

After much searching I finally found his phone number and decided to text him!

Now for challenge day #8: your favorite internet friend

Dear Noc,

I truly want to say how awesome you are! You are sweet! Kind! And just a plain great guy! You never try and give up on someone and you forgive their mistakes! You know how to joke and we all envy you and Domi! Your blog was one of the highlights of my blog reading! I want to thank you for not only introducing me to SO MANY awesome people but also you were one of the reasons I started blogging! Nic you sent a tweet saying, “Dear strangers, don’t stay unknown!” and my twitter name was mentioned in that tweet! Your tweet was one of the small inspirations to start blogging; I became known! Thank you Nic for being awesome and always staying cool when I made a bad joke! You are lucky and you are kind and you are so forgiving!


Well I think I still have 2 or 3 more posts about Pride to do, and I still have to catch up with the challenge, SORRY ERIK (who I am currently talking to)!

Life Putters and Wanders,


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