Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kevin and Challenge 9 and 10

So I texted Kevin asking if he wanted to meet up and almost immediately I received a text back saying we wanted to. SO we decided to meet where the Backstreet Boys were playing. I went into the crowd and watched whoever was playing waiting to be texted by him or Rik so I can find him/him, but I got sucked into the middle of the crowd and it was so suffocating and ugh wow it was almost terrible, but I eventually got out! And I finally received a text from him he was there. And we kept texting until I knew he was Stage Left and at lamp posts. I then ask if he meant the tall or short ones and he answered the short ones, with the guy “wearing a purple shirt and pink bandana and my friend is wearing bikini top candy and shorts” I then looked to the left and saw them!

So well I see who I think is them so I (awkwardly) go up to the guy in a purple shirt and…forget his name for a second lol *dies*, so I checked my phone quickly and saw a K and remembered his name is Kevin! So I say “Kevin, right?”

Kevin responds, “Yeah! Robert?”

“Yeah! Hi! Nice to meet you!”

“Hi!” Kevin then introduced me to his two girl friends, Alex and IForgetHerName. “We saw you searching for us, but I had no idea if that was you!”

We then talked about a bunch of stuff and it was fun just hanging with people and it really was not extremely awkward lol. So the girls decided they wanted to dance so we went to this Prius booth lol and looked at my phone and noticed that my text to Rik never sent! So I decided to text him and when I looked up they were gone! I decided okay well it was fun meeting him, so I text Rik again saying want to meet, but as I write that I get a text from Kevin saying he lost me and how to find him! So I decide why go for improbable when you already have the constant (that makes no sense I think lol). So I went to them and we danced (well I swayed lol, I have no idea how to dance lol) and then the girls said they wanted to go to the Cat Scratch Club (the strip club they used in Rent the movie for the CSC). It takes us a few minutes and then we find it and take a few pictures of it and stuff, yeah it was old, closed, beaten down, and in a seedy neighborhood, but it was cool seeing it though!

We were all thirsty at that time so we walked to a Starbucks and got stuff to drink and continued on and decided to go to Washington Square Park I think and just sit on the grass and hang. It was fun and just relaxing. While there Alex gave me one of her bracelets she made for Pride. It is rainbow colored and awesome! I wore it every day after Pride until my parents came home; I even wore it during football practice! It just felt awesome having something signifying I am gay on me lol, it was quite validating though no one saw it because I started to wear it as an anklet!

So we just hung for a while and Kevin and the two girls decided they should leave so I said good bye to them because I was really determined to meet with Rik! So I texted him and then called him, I got voicemail instantly! FUCK! I just continued walking until I got to this place where I found had working Wi-Fi and sent him a tweet and everything! While at that place I sat trying to get internet and be optimistic (even though I am quite pessimistic lol), a mother and her teenage daughter (younger than me) ask to use my phone because they need to call someone, so I give it to them (I am really nice sometimes!) While the daughter, who swore a lot lol, was trying to get a ride the mother talked to me and asked how I liked Pride and stuff like that. She THEN asked if I wanted some Tequila LMAO, I was like WTF she has a teenage daughter who must be just a year or two younger than me and she is offering me TEQUILA!?! So I told her I am straight edge. Of course she has no idea what that means so I tell her, I do not drink alcohol nor do drugs. She responded by saying, “That must be hard, how you do it?”

I just say “I say no!” lol I mean I do lol, but wow she was kind of weird hahahha. She then asks if I am going to Castro, I have never been (Sorry Aaron!!). She says it is the real place to be for Pride, so I am so going there next year for sure!! So when they are done with my phone they leave and I decide to go get something to eat, so on the way of leaving the area there are people on the top of a thing lol, I have a few pics of it, and the police are coming in like teams of 6 to go and like take people off of it, it was crazy. Right when I saw the cops I went into journalist mode and took out my camera to take videos and pictures of what might happen, but nothing happened and before it was over I started to walk away. I went to an Asian doughnut shop and bought a donut and a coconut soda, they were delicious and I then called Rik one more time then left to get a BART home.

Okay there is one more post I have to do for this, but it should be short and I will right it and post it tomorrow hopefully!

Now onto Challenge Day 9 and 10!

Day 9: Someone you wish you could meet!

Dear future boyfriend,

Meet me already!!!


Day 10: Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

Dear Mitchell,

Hey Mitch we should so talk sometime, I mean I think Mark might even go to the beach house this year if things stay civil lol, but yeah it would be awesome to talk to you more. You know you are an awesome guy and yeah I know you will make it big in theater or comedy writing, but yeah we should so talk!


Life Putters and Wanders,


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