Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Straight Day

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Wow well day two of being back, and of course I am also posting in the dead of night again hahaha.

So first things first, since I finally went back on blogger I decided to catch up on some blogs I have stopped reading. The first one I caught up on was Timmy’s. The first thing I saw was a post by his brother, so I decided to see what it said. Holy shit I had no idea that Timmy had died two months ago. That just sucks utterly. He was so witty and funny (and perverted, which is not always a bad quality), but he was alos just a great gent and it was extremely easy to comprehend that based on what he exhibited to us through his blog. My condolences to Timmy’s family and I hope that can grieve, but only for as long as is practical, ruining your life because a sibling or child died is a horrible way to cope with the death, especially since the dead person would probably be pissed you are ruining your life that way. (wow that was a horribly award tangent, sorry).

The next blog I caught up on was Sam’s and I really do hope he meets someone that wants to be his boyfriend, especially someone that is not your best friend because no matter what the break up will still strain your friendship if the relationship ever amounts to that disappointment.

Also while catching up I noticed that Jason Carwin has gone missing again, I do hope he is doing well and is happy at whatever school he decided to go to.

Now what happened in my life today was slightly interesting. I woke up at 8:25 and put the dogs out and fed them. I then started catching up on Hellcats until 9:50 when I left to go to my college place to take an ACT Diagnostics test. I then had a meeting with my councilor where I was told of some awesome film school summer programs which I should totally do if I want get a better leg up to get into NYU, especially since there is one AT NYU!

After that it was 1:40 and I decided to get some Subway and came home at 2 and watched another episode of Hellcats, which apparently has the actor who plays Brian Kinney in Queer as Folk playing the Law Professor at Lancer Academy. I then left for the school at 2:50 because of this football game I agreed to join because I need to get some footage of people playing football for the film my group is (possibly) doing in Filmmaking. It was a really great game and fun. I ripped to people’s shirts, one was an Ohio State one at the armpit and the other was a CAL shirt which I somehow pulled an entire patch of cloth from the middle of the shirt (another guy on my team ripped the back of one guys shirt off and the hole kept growing larger and the game went lol). So let me show you what they said happened in the game:

All Stars loose to Ripped Shirts

Sean: Most valuable linemen, Robert BP,
This game was dedicated to those valuable shirts that dedicated themselves to protecting our skin agianst rbp and were lost in battle. U will be remebered.

Offensive Player of the Game:

Defensive Player of the Game:
Robert BP

Special Teams Player of the Game
Kyle (23 yard feild goal) Michael Z (2 returns for TDs)

Best Tackle:
Roy on Raphael, Robert on Jeremy

Best Play:
Double Reverse to Long Gain Krishnan
Kyle to Brady 29 yard pass
Sean to Jeremy 32 yard pass

Biggest Fight:
Robert BP-Chris

Cutest Player:
Michael Z

Biggest Stud:
RBP for doing awesome
Cullen for playing hard after he puked

So yeah that is pretty much a summary of what happened lol. It was a lot of fun and great conditioning, and since it was tackle football it was great to beat up Jeremy, apparently I nearly knocked one of his teeth out, but, hey, he skinned my knee so everything is fine ahahha. After the game everyone went to Taco Bell and I agreed to pay for all the people whose shirts I destroyed to help lose the game hahaha. I then went to Trader Joe’s and Safeway to get football because the house needed it. hahaha. I then went to Trader Joe’s and Safeway to get football because the house needed it.

So I went home and watched more Hellcats. Mark almost came over, but he apparently had a band party, which I think is a lie, but whatever I don’t really care. I finally am now caught up with Hellcats though lol. I then went upstairs to my room and decided to play Call Of Duty: Black Ops and saw my friends were on and decided to join their game and see how lone it would take them to notice me in there. It took them four games to notice me ahha, but whatever it was fun and everything. I am now in bed typing this at 1:55 AM and I think it is time to sleep since I have quite a bit of homework to do tomorrow before the big football banquet. Also my parents are coming back tomorrow night, so yeah.

Life Putters and Wanders,

Robert BP

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  1. so did you go to trader joes and safeway twice...or do i just have double vision?

    Sounds like a fun day. Ive never seen hellcats--maybe i should check it out. Im always happy to see former QAF ppl employed :-)

    so were the guys whose shirts you ripped, cute? I.e. were you purposefully trying to get some shirts ripped? :p


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